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Journeyman III

Boot kit question - AMD Ryzen 5 5600G

I have a 5600G and an ASRock MB (B550M HDV).  The MB is at BIOS version 1.2 and not at 1.7 or higher to support AMD 5600G.

I got an AMD Ryzen 3 3100 via the AMD boot kit program today.  But the 3100 states it needs a Discrete Graphics Card, which I don't have, otherwise I would not have purchased the 5600G.

Will the 3100 boot to the BIOS at least without a graphics card?  or am I dead in the water without a discrete graphics card

When I submitted my boot kit request to AMD I made it crystal clear the CPU model and the fact that I do not have a graphics card.

This will be my fourth PC build.  All previous PC builds were intel, if that matters

Any insight is appreciated.  


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I thought AMD usually ships out a APU with its Boot Kit.

Yes if you received a regular non APU processor you will need a separate GPU card installed to get video output.

See if you can borrow a GPU card from a friend or family member enough for you to enter BIOS and upgrade it.

Or better yet write back to AMD Warranty about your problem and see if they will send you an APU thus you will be sending back two processors instead of one unless they want you to send the non-APU back first.