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Journeyman III

APU is not using vega 8

APU is not using vega 8

 guys, I set up my pc hj, ryzen 5 5600g. google is running smooth, videos on youtube too, but when I test in a game, for example LOL the frame rate is at 20 and it keeps crashing, and in other games like the witcher 2, it says I don't have the minimum specs. I have 16gb of ram, does anyone know what it might be? or how to help? please!

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I presume you don't have a separate GPU Card installed and you are just using your Processor's Integrated Graphics.

The Integrated Graphics is being used if you have video output from the motherboard.

Go to these 3 gaming websites "Can I Run It" and see if your PC hardware meets the minimum Hardware Requirements for whatever specific game you are trying to play. It will also tell you which hardware is the weak point or if you need to update the Graphics driver:

You have to realize that most modern games requires a separate GPU card to run better. The Integrated Graphics generally has a Maximum vRAM of 2 GB set in BIOS. Maybe 3GB in some Motherboards. Games run best with separate GPU cards since they can come with 4GB or more vRAM installed and generally are more powerful than Integrated Graphics.

The above links can tell you how many games you can play and at what Options enabled.

If you have a separate GPU card installed then you can go to Windows Settings - Graphics and set which GPU you want to use for which specific program.