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Journeyman III

APU A10 9700e + Nvidia GPU (asus a320m motherboard) - will it work?

Greetings to all forum members!

I have got a question about an ability to use an external gpu with my system.

My config:

Asus A320M-K motherboard

12Gb RAM

AMD A10 9700E APU with R7 on board

Win 10 x64

What is the point:

I need to do an upgrade to work faster with Adobe software such as Photoshop, Lightroom and Premiere. It seems that these programs cannot work whith my processor properly or they just need something more efficient. So I decided to use an additional GPU (not dual graphics) from NVidia (just because i guess that the Adobe products need some CUDA cores to work faster AND a GDDR5 memory would be a great addition to.

What is my problem:

I already tryed to use an old NVidia GPU (GTX 295) in my configuration and had a strange issue.

First - there was a big driver conflict.

Second - My system saw my cards (R7 and both cores of gtx) but could not work on gtx. There was no image on the gtx output. Also none of my programs could use it as a rendering unit.

What kind of help do I need:

I actually could not find any info about an ability of using an external gpu with this processor.

Does anyone have an Idea what can be wrong?

I know that my chipset allows to use the pci x16 port to work only in x8 mode with all kind of apu's.

Maby it is an issue with pci line interrupts priority?

Now I have sold my gtx 295 and want to buy a used gtx 560 in case if 295 was too old for am4 platform.

So, i need a qualified help before buying a new gpu.

Many thanx for your time!

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Re: APU A10 9700e + Nvidia GPU (asus a320m motherboard) - will it work?

Disable the iGPU in BIOS, and use Display Driver Uninstaller to remove AMD's software.