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Journeyman III

AMI error on stratup X670

I am just completing a build of a new PC.  While the system is starting, before I get to the BIOS I get this message:


"New Central processor installed, fTPM/PSP NV  corrupted or fTPM/PSP NV structure changed 


Press "Y" to reset fTPM, if you have a bit locker or encryption enabled the system will not boot without a recovery key 


Press "N" to keep previous fTPM record and continue system boot fTPM will not enable in new CPU you can swap back to the old CPU to recover TPM keys and data."


As this is a new build and thus a new CPU that is the only one ever installed on the MOBO, I conclude it is an error.  So, if I do not wish to use BitLocker or other encryption,  I assume this means I can safely go with "Y".  


What I'm not sure of is, is NOT using BitLocker/encryption the default?  If not the default, how do I disable the encryption stuff?

Would much appreciate an expert opinion here!  Thanks

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Journeyman III

In my case, by selecting "Y", the message was surpressed, with no adverse impact.