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Journeyman III

AMD V its disabled


i have procesor procesor Ryzen 3 2200G. I hawe install 64 bit windows 8.1 pro I use Vmware workstation 15 and I like know where in bios I can enable AMD V in Ryzen 3 2200G?

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Community Manager

Windows 8.1 is not supported on the Ryzen CPU's.

Big Boss

ray_m, please give a reference.  I do not think this is true.

pingusteam, here is a screenshot from my BIOS:


It may be very different from yours - depends on the MB and processor.  I running a 2990WX on an MSI MEG Creation.  Enjoy, John.


Thanks, ray_m.  It still may support Windows 8.1due to the note at the bottom:"Operating System (OS) support will vary by manufacturer."  Looks like AMD does not supply drivers for the 2200G, but the MB Vendor may and I still suggest pingusteam give it a try.  The processor should well run with Win 8.1.  The BIOS should still contain toggle for SVM Mode.  I also suggest pingusteam upgrade to W10 soon.  Enjoy, John.


The disclaimer is referring to Linux support, not Windows. 

ray_m, really.  The AMD Driver Download site provides Win 7 drivers.  Enjoy, John.


kingfish, what are you looking for - Windows 7?  All the chip sets offer W7 drivers on the AMD Driver Download site.  Radeon W7 drivers are also available.  I do not know what chip set pingusteam uses because it was not stated.  I can find no W8.1 drivers on the AMD site but I suspect MS offers them.  Perhaps pingusteam will tell us what W8.1 drivers are in use.  Thanks for bringing elstaci to the party.  I still encourage users to go to W10.  Enjoy, John.


Thank you for your advice and input. But to answer the question pingusteam asked...there are no drivers for anything but Windows10. Never has been. Never will.

kingfish, there are W7 drivers and some Linux drivers for Ryzen on the AMD Driver Download site.  Enjoy, John.


Show us a link to them or shut censored.

MisterJ, shouldn't you give the same courtesy to Ray_M and post any references or links that justifies what you are saying is true and that Ray_M and Kingfish are wrong?

It seems like you have no problems requesting proof from others but refuse to do the same when others ask you for proof.

Thanks so much, elstaci.


   You still avoiding giving references or links by deflecting again. Please give Ray_M the courtesy by posting proof via references or links since everyone else gives you the courtesy of showing proof via references or links.

You must have some sort proof to base your advice on.

Really, enough of you. Take your meds.