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Journeyman III

AMD Threadripper 1950x problem with motherboard Asus strix x399 e-gaming


I have problem with my workstation. Based on ASUS STRIX X399 E-GAMING 

After 1 year of usage, i have been faced with strange problem behavior of my workstation.  In BIOS (i try other versions of bios but it helps nothing) i see now cpu speed goes up in 4.5 gh and down in 2.5 and again on sine. Before it was 3.6 stable in bios.  Cpu voltage goes up and down also from 0.8 to 2.4 before it was 1.5 in stable.

In BIOS it happens every time again and again and not changes. After loading Windows 10 - behavior changes completely.

Cpu frequency fall down to 2800 and cpu core voltage to 0.830 - and my motherboard temperature goes hoter and hotter then cpu 32 - right after restart motherboard temperature is 24C (before it was 28C stable as stone) C but afer idle surfing in internet - motherboard goes to 35C and hotter then CPU 32C in render time she goes 50C - before she was 28C in 2 days long RENDER!!!!!!!!!!! 

PCH - goes from 42C to 54C in idle and in rendering time pch highter then 70C - before it was 55C in render time

70C was last time without cooling on motherboard with NOCTUA ( NF-A15 HS PWM - premium fan 140x150x25 swappable anti-vibrtion chromax) FAN - right now i use this fan to cool down motherboard and PCH !!!!!!!!!

One and half years ago my cinebench 18 was stable 3200  but now it is 2500-2600 

I dont know what happend with my AMD computer i cant use it in render wihout NOCTUA (NF A15 HS - PWM)

My computer now become slover in half.


my setup

asus x399 strix e-gaming

threadripper -1950x noctua NH -U14S TR4-SP3

NOCTUA (NF A15 HS - PWM) - for cooling motherboard 

termaltake 850 watt

GTX 950 strix



I try everything - but nothing helps.

Please help me.