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Journeyman III

AMD Ryzen 9 5900x high PPT, TDC, and EDC

I have an AMD ryzen 9 5900x, and like the subject says, i am getting high power issues. I built this pc about 2 weeks ago and this has happed 6 times already.  It happens very randomly, sometimes after 30 minutes of gaming, could be 6 hours, or it wont happen at all. my pc build is:

AMD Ryzen 9 5900x cpu

Asus Crosshair VIII Formula X570 Motherboard

Corsair Vengeance Pro RAM 4x16g @3600mHz 

MSI Gaming X 1070 graphics card

Samsung 980 pro 2t M.2 SSD

Asus Thor 850W PSU

All drivers, bios and windows 10 is up to date. no settings have been messed with and no overclocking. This is what Ryzen Master is reading at idle with just Discord open This is what it is reading with discord and one game open This is what it is reading when everything goes crazy. all the voltages peg out, all my cores get throttled down to 500mHz and the pc is almost unusable. I open task manager and all looks normal, nothing is at high usage, and the pc is not overheating. I have dug through forums and researched online, and have found no answers to why this is happening, whether its a software or setting issue, nor have i found any permanent solutions. I have tried the switching power plan settings to default, balanced and high performance, and the issue still happens. Only "fix" so far, is turn off pc, then reboot, and it is back to normal. any help or insight is highly appreciated. This has been very frustrating and i just want to game. Thanks!!!

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Big Boss

Myles_demonx. Please format your system disk and do a fresh install of Windows, install all AMD drivers from AMD then install Ryzen Master (RM). Please post screenshots of RM both Basic and Advanced views running Cinebench R23. Thanks and enjoy, John.


The first 2 Ryzen Master is showing good readings without any throttling of the CPU either by the Motherboard or CPU itself.

The last one it is showing the Motherboard throttling your CPU which is indicated by all the RED Icons at the top of Ryzen Master.

Set your Windows Power Plan back to "Balanced" with:

Processor State Minimum: 5%

Processor State Maximum: 100%

To eliminate a 3rd party Startup that is causing your issue boot into a Clean Windows Desktop. Easy to do and undo: How to perform a clean boot in Windows 

Then use process of elimination to see if the same thing occurs when you start enabling Startup programs in methodical way.

I would also open a Asus Support ticket to see if your Motherboard needs to be checked.

Also run a Virus/Malware check in case a virus is causing the issue in the background.

Open Windows Task Manager - Performance and then Resource Monitor to see what may be causing the issue when it happens.`

Sounds like when you reboot it stops whatever program is causing the issue to reset or not yet startup.