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Journeyman III

AMD ryzen 5 2600x works only on very high frequency. How to decrease?

Hi. I bought AMD ryzen 5 2600x severals days ago alongside with new motherboard AMD B450 MSI B450 Tomahawk Max and 16 gb operative memory. I faced with problem that CPU always works in frequency very close to it`s max value from 3.9 to 4,2 ghz. I haven't customize any settings both in BIOS or with Ryzen Master so i don't understand why frequecy always on that high level. Average temperature 35 degrees, but cooler works very loudly. 
What have i done?

  1. Updated operating systems (both Windows 10 and Ubuntu)
  2. Installed drivers for motherboard and CPU

What i haven't done?

  1. I haven't updated BIOS drivers, because i bought new motherboard and installed new CPU in it.

Should i update BIOS to solve problem with really high CPU frequency or do something else?
I really need some advices, i don't want to break my new CPU.

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