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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

AMD FX8350 failing stress test

I purchased an AMD FX-8350 when they were first released back in 2012. I have loved it. However, this year, I have been asking more of it than just playing video games. I have been using Adobe After Effects and 3D Studio which have caused many BSODs. This began back in April and I have replaced my video card, power supply and RAM trying to figure out what is wrong with my box.

Stress Test

I recently purchased a utility called PC Doctor which runs diagnostics on the PC. All the "normal" test come back without issues. However, when I ran stress tests, the CPU failed with an error code "WCP14-BSD". I contacted the support staff at PC Doctor and they told me, "This [error code] means is that during the testing, our program test sent a specific set of numbers to your CPU. In order for the test to pass, the test expects your CPU to send back those same exact numbers. Seeing as it has failed, we can determine that your CPU registers were unable to report back the correct values."

What does that mean?

The guys at PC doctor say it basically means I need a new CPU, but suggested I contact AMD "to get their take on it." So has anyone seen this error before? I really have not done anything to this processor to kill it. I didn't even overclock it as it work fine out of the box and the CoolerMaster V8  CPU fan which have always kept the processor from getting close to overheating.

This is gonna cost me.

So my choices are buying another FX8350/8370 chip or making the leap to the Ryzen. The Ryzen, however, is a whole lot more expensive and would that would mean getting a newer board and RAM as well. All in all a difference of probably $600. Any input as to the value of making the switch?

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Re: AMD FX8350 failing stress test

Doubtful because pay-for diagnostic software is all a ripoff and junk. First run Memtest86+ for a few hours (preferably overnight) and see if it reports any errors (most are found on the first pass), if that's all good then run Prime95 (Small FFT) or Intel Burn Test (Normal). The CPU will get quite warm so make sure the heatsink is clear of dust. Also, have you performed a search for the BSOD error?