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Journeyman III

AMD 7945HX maximum frequency

I have Ubuntu server 22.04 with kernel 6.8.9, I'm struggling get high frequency when using my CPU full power on 32 threads. If I do some high process calculations my all CPUs are on %100 with maximum frequency 4.2GHz. also amdgpu showing PPT as 20-32w. I have tried bios setting to 55/75w or auto but nothing changed, also Ryzen master, ryzenadj, AMDctl all nothing helped.


Please anyone know what I'm missing here to get full power of this CPU?




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Big Boss

majedalanni, please list ALL your parts and stay out of BIOS. I did not think Ryzen Master (RM) could be run under Linux. Do you run under Windows also? I do not even know what AMDctl and ryzenadj are-some third party utilities? Your 7945HX should boost to 5.4 GHz on one core. I need to see a screenshot of RM running Cinebench R24 Multicore. Can you run this? Just listing a few values tells little about what is going on. Here's AMD definition of Max Boost Clock:


Enjoy, John.

EDIT: Also post a screenshot of Cinebench R24 Single core.


From AMD Specs on your laptop processor:


Max. Boost Clock Up to 5.4 GHz
Base Clock 2.5 GHz
Default TDP: 55W
AMD Configurable TDP (cTDP): 55-75W  (Note: This means if your laptop has a BIOS Setting to change the TDP rating for your laptop process you can change the TDP rating from its default 55 Watts to a higher TDP rating of 75 Watts which will run your processor faster but hotter)
Max. Operating Temperature (Tjmax): 100°C
System Memory Type: DDR5
Memory Channels: 2
Max. Memory: 64 GB (This depends on your Laptop's Motherboard limitations).
System Memory Subtype: SO-DIMM
Max Memory Speed:
Of course, some of the above Specs might be limited by your Laptop's BIOS or Motherboard limitations.

I have only ubuntu 22.04 and my MB is BD790i, I tried use xmrig benchmark and some cpu stress apps but all of them showing 4.2, if I stress only 4 threads  I will get 5.4Ghz. So my guess using more threads cannot get you the full 5.4Ghz?

I would contact the Support site for your Miniforum PC:


Either you need to update the BIOS in your Mini PC or the Motherboard manufacturer may have intentionally prevented the processor to run at maximum speed on all cores due to temperature issues.


First time I see a PC motherboard with a built in laptop processor.  Unfortunately you won't be able to install Ryzen Master since it is incompatible with Laptop processors.


But you can install a lite version of Ryzen Master called Ryzen Controller from Gitlabs/Githubs website.


NOTE: See if you can enter BIOS and change the TDP default rating to 75 watts (Maximum). That might cause the processor to run at maximum speed on all cores but you will need to check temperatures since it will be running much hotter then when it is rated at 55 Watts.


At 75 Watt TDP ratings means your processor will run much faster than at 55 watt TDP.

majedalanni, did you read my reply above?


 Please read the above! John.

Journeyman III

Thank you so much for the information.

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