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Journeyman III

7950x3d CCD 0 (Vcache) not boosting to 5.2-5.3 ghz

Hi all, I'm noticed on my 7950x3d that my ccd 0 (VCache CCD) isn't boosting to 5.2 or 5.3 ghz. Even with PBO enabled (-14 all cores, with PBO boost at +200). I'm not able to boot at -20 or -30. I've been able to use custom cores and raise it a little, but not much. 


I have Gskills 2x16 SK-Hynix A-Die CL 30 - 38-38-96 DDR 5 ram. 


I'm able to use Buildzoids hynix timings though, so I've got some tighter timings right now. 


On cinebench R23 I get 36936, which is not bad, but seems a bit low. 


I'm using the corsair H-150i Elite LCD. I used this with the 5800x3d and with PBO2, was able to constantly get 4.45 ghz on -30, so I feel like it's not the cooler. 


On games like Battlefield 2042/MW2/Forza Horizon I get about 4.6-4.7 ghz. My frames are strong, however I was thinking it should be boosting to 5 or 5.2 ghz consistently. 


I've tried on bios to prefer vcache, or frequency. Neither seems to make a difference. I've also used process lasso and set the games affinity to the VCache cores. Again I get some improvements, but the boost isn't there. 


Is this an issue with my mounting? thermal paste I'm using (currently using arctic Mx-6), my cooler, or did I get a lemon of a chip.  Are there some specific settings I'm missing here?


Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Right now, I'm considering doing a repaste, and possibly trying another cooler. I'm also thinking of getting the chip replaced, because should it boost to 5.2 out the box without any PBO?

EDIT: FYI, I play at 4k, on ultra, I've got a 4090. I've tried lowering the settings to 1080p and 1440p, and it's the same stuff. I might see 5ghz for a milisecond then it'll drop down. My temps are okay. Depending on the game, high 60s to mid 70s.

Edit 2: I just realized that I only have 1 8 pin cpu connector going from the MOBO to my PSU Asus Rog Thor P2 1200W. Should I be connecting two connectors? What are others doing?

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Journeyman III

Hello, can I get some help with this please?


Thank you!