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Journeyman III

7800X3D temps while gaming

Hello, I recently bought a 7800X3D and I was wondering if these temps are okay

While Gaming its constantly from 75-82c

I have PBO enabled, -40 Negative in PBO curve Optimiser all cores and SoC Voltage at 1.18v fclk frequency at 2000mhz asynchronous 

Cooler is: IDCooling Space SL360 360mm Aio

Expo Tweaked is enabled in ROG uefi 

Ram is 32gigs 6000mhz Cl30 xpg Lancer 

CPU idles at around 47-60c ( keeps spiking ) mostly 55ish 

Reference video for temps: skip to middle of the video and you'll see the temps 


Any help regarding what should be my settings in bios will be appreciated, before using an AMD CPU I was using Intel i9 12900k and temps never went above 65-70c while gaming and idled at 35-40c

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