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Journeyman III

7000G on AM5

what AM5 is now missing is budget CPU options, I am sure they're planning on bringing a handful of Rembrant based APUs to AM5 but I am sure they're going to be $150+
what I am talking about is a true budget option, $70... I am unsure if the Mendicino 4c/8t Zen2/128 shader Rdna2 7320U is able to directly work on AM5 because it seemingly only supports LPDDR5 5500mhz but it seems like the ideal candidate.  At 100mm2 its smaller than the Zen4 I/O die and has a BOM cost of roughly $40.  realistically the mask would probably have to be re-taped out to support pcie 4.0 and DDR5 4800 but I think AMD having a successor to 3000G on AM5 would help with low end adoption rate.

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A 70 dollar chip, on a new platform. ,... is what they are missing?  Your paying double that, for a cheap mobo option, not to mention the memory.  Here is a question id like to know,... what out there, is another option ? Not to mention, why would they go "backwards"??? 


yes, a budget chip is what they are missing for office PCs and cheap media PCs.  and no, motherboards aren't starting at $140, A620 motherboards are starting at $85 and a 16gb ram kit starts at $35.
the alternative option is the 4600G on AM4, it does not provide entry to AM5 and it doesn't come with newer IGPU performance.
how is offering a budget entry level chip to a platform going backwards?  if its good for AMD enough to offer in laptops but not as a cheap entry level chip?
this was just a thought sent to the void in any case, I know AMD likely wont ever do it.