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Journeyman III

5950X High Peak Temperatures

Hi AMD and community, 

I have recently purchased a 5950X and is experimenting with PBO and Curve Optimizer. I have not used the Ryzen 5 software but just done this through BIOS. 
When I started with the processor running it at stock settings the processor would aim for 90C in all core load as expected. Trying to get as much out of my cooling as possible, I am running a 240mm rad. 

Now that I am running PBO +200Mhz and curve optimizer at -24 on all cores, I am experimenting a bit more temperature instability than before PBO. 
I use CPU-ID HWMonitor to look for peak temperatures and so on. The processor will still aim for the 90C mark, but in the max field I can sometime read that it in some spikes have hit 97C. 
I could imagine that this is duo to the processor trying to hit the +200Mhz from the PBO and very shortly hitting higher temps than the desired mark? I get that it can't know for sure how the temperature will act, so of course it will sometimes hit above the 90C mark. 

I tried for good fun to set the thermal limit to 85C in BIOS. The processor then aims for 85C as expected and hit max peaks of 89C, so same behaviour, just at lower temps.   

My question is, should I worry about this? If the processor got dangerously hot, would'nt it just shut down the computer? Is it possible to cause damage to the CPU as long as I have not tampered with any parameters other than PBO and curve optimizer? 

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Journeyman III

So an update for this, 
I just went back to +200Mhz, but CO set to -20 on all cores. 
Now the instability is down to +1.5C so 91.5 at worst case spike. 
Who would have known that -24 curve optimizer would result in more instability in temps than -20. Can anyone explain what is going on here?