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5900x normal temps?

Hello, I have 5900x with pbo+cpb enable, the restin stock, a b550 tomahawk and a x53 nzxt 240mm and my game temperatures are 70s in some games. In loading games or loading leves reachs to 85s sometimes.

What you guys think?

A friend of my have same cpu but different aio, board and case and is temperatures are so much lowers. Gaming in 60c.


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Well the 5900X maximum operating temperature is 90c so the AIO is keeping your processor from overheating past 90c.

If it spikes to the 80's C for a very short time then that is fine. But if you notice the temperature averaging above 85c then you will need to check your AIO for proper operation.

Also you can't compare your friend processor with a different AIO. His AIO might be more powerful than yours which might explain the lower temperatures plus a lot of other factors like air flow inside his computer case and room temperature etc.

The 5900X requires a CPU Cooler of 105 watts or higher.  Something at or above 150 Watt TDP CPU Cooler should work fine.


Although your temps are inside the parameters, my personal opinion is that a 240 AIO might be somewhat insufficient for the 5900X.

Do share the case you have, fans, GPU, ambient temp, because they will impact your overall temps a lot!

You may want to try and undervolt a bit, OFFSET undervolting with something like -0,05mv to start with.


Good Luck

The Englishman

Thank you for reply @elstaci @johnnyenglish .

Yeah, i think that´s the case. My GPU is 6900xt, case is MSI GunGnir 110m and my room temp is +/- 25ºC.

This case is a little small, for example, if i wanted a 360mm aio, this case doesn´t have space to put it on top.


Always! Try a bit of undervolting

The Englishman