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Journeyman III

5800x3D and MSI B550-A Pro won't post.

A newbie PC builder, I bought a 5800x3D and MSI B550-A Pro which has given me tons of issues. 

After flashing the bios and assembling everything, no post and nothing to the monitor. 

I read the MSI boards are picky about the USB drive to flash, so I tried 3 different ones, nothing. 

I contacted MSI and they said to RMA the board. I did that and bought a new MSI board, same issue.

Any recs for a board that won't require a BIOS update? Also, I read AMD has a loaner chip program. Is that still running?





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You don't need a loan kit if the motherboard has bios flash button & bios usb port.

Use a USB2.0 stick.

Don't know how msi works, but my board you have to rename the bios folder. 


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