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Journeyman III

5800x consistent BSOD with SVM enabled

Enabling SVM in the BIOS leads to the machine bluescreening at random points with random stopcodes.  Some of these stopcodes include:






This completely stops when SVM is disabled, but I use VMs which means that's not a permanent solution. Moving to a new motherboard, changing GPU, and changing RAM did not solve this. Has there been any other fix for something like this?

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Enabling SVM (Secure Virtual Machine) in the BIOS can sometimes cause random bluescreen errors with different stop codes. Disabling SVM can temporarily solve the issue, but since the user needs to use VMs, it's not a permanent solution. Here are some suggested solutions to fix the problem:

  1. Enable SVM in BIOS: Restart your computer and access the BIOS settings by pressing the designated key (F2, F4, F8, F10, F12, or Del) during the boot process. Navigate to the Advanced or CPU Configuration section and ensure that AMD-V or AMD SVM is enabled.

  2. Update drivers: Outdated BIOS or chipset drivers can contribute to black screens after enabling SVM. Updating these drivers may help resolve the issue.

  3. Check for compatibility issues: Changing the motherboard, GPU, and RAM may not fix the problem if there is a compatibility issue with the hardware and SVM. It's advisable to check for compatibility problems and ensure all components work well together.

  4. Check Windows features: Enabling Hyper-V in Windows features has helped some users resolve the issue. Open "Turn Windows Features on or off," select Hyper-V, apply the changes, reboot into the BIOS, enable SVM, and then reboot into Windows.

It's important to be aware that enabling SVM can potentially cause compatibility problems with certain hardware and software, leading to bluescreen errors. Therefore, it's recommended to verify compatibility before enabling SVM.

PC Hardware Specialist

Enabling Hyper-V didn't change anything, bluescreens still happen with random stopcodes. Everything else is up to date from the troubleshooting I've already been doing. It has been working fine for about 6 months before it starting crashing. How might the computer have suddenly stopped being able to run with SVM enabled?


Unfortunately for me this did not work as the problem persisted. Any more ideas? Thank you