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Journeyman III

5600G 12v power draw

Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone knows approximately how much of the 5600G power draw comes from the 12v rail? I would assume it basically all comes from the 12v rail these days but I want to check, as I have a small psu I want to use to power a 5600G and it is limited to 4.5A on the 12v rail. This isn't enough to cover the full 65W TDP of the chip.


Thanks for any help.

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4.5A x 12V = 54W

That is nowhere near enough to run a modern desktop PC on, even a relatively low power APU like the 5600G.

My 5700G system draws 25W at idle and up to 175W when under full CPU and iGPU load. That's at the outlet, but you are correct that most of that goes to the 12V rail.

You'd likely want at least a 250W SFX that has 18-20A on the 12V at bare minimum.

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Hi. Well I would say that it depends - the ASRock deskmini X300 comes with a 120w PSU and is designed for the 5600/5700G so I would say that it's possible. My PSU can also supply 50w on the 5v rail so my question was more about how the 5600G draws its power from the 12/5V rails - is all the 65W on the 12V rail or is it split more like 50/50 with the 5V?




EDIT - just to clarify, the system I'm building will be a very barebones ITX system - Apu, ram, SSD and that's it. My PSU can supply 120W total which I think is enough, but I am worried that not enough of that 120W is available on the 12V rail.


The CPU 65W rating is TDP - Thermal Design Power - and is meant to be an indicator of heat generation, not power draw.

Your power supply does not provide enough 12V.

Gamers Nexus 5600G Power Consumption

72W draw from the 8pin EPS 12V cable. Note that is CPU load only, as they were using a discrete graphics card. If you're using the IGP there is potentially additional power consumption, depending on workload.

As I said, my 5700G can draw up to 175W total system power when fully loaded both CPU/iGPU, that is Cinebench Multi-core and Furmark running simultaneously. This is my HTPC with APU, RAM, SSD and a DVD drive only. Obviously typical load will be much less, however you do not want to size your power supply based on minimal utilization, or you will likely trip the over current protection (if that PSU even has it) any time the processor see's above-average load.

Ryzen R7 5700X | B550 Gaming X | 2x16GB G.Skill 3600 | Radeon RX 7900XT