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Journeyman III

2600X Temps

Hello all, first post and just a quick question. I just installed a 2600x into my system yesterday with the stock Wraith Spire cooler and it is running hotter than I am used to. During gaming it seems to hold in the mid 60's with spikes into the low 70's, if I run a stress test or benchmark it quickly spikes to 90+ and throttles. Cpu Voltage monitored in Ryzen Master hover around 1.4 at idle and gone as high as 1.475 during a Aida64 stress. Clock speeds seem to idle around 4ghz and I have seen as high as 4.3. The 60's and low 70's I see now during gaming are not a concern but I intend to play Anthem and from what I have read the game can be hard on CPU's. I am wondering if these are fairly normal operating temps, voltages and speeds for a non tweaked 2600x or if something seems amiss? All fans are set to performance profiles and the are running 2000+ cpu and 1000+ case when it starts to get hot.

Asrock B450K Fatality

AMD 2600x (Spire Cooler)

16GB 3000Mhz RAM

RTX 2060



3 120MM Case Fans (2 intake, 1 exhaust)

650W 80+ Power Suppply


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Seems normal to me, I have the same CPU. However I use a AIO watercooler and have 2 *140mm and 1* 200mm fans intake. With me it's under extreme heat stress test lower 70°c. 

Room temperature and GPU heat also make the CPU hotter,...

But I don't think any game that's on the planet will get your CPU so hot you can not play,... In real life usage things do not heat up that hard and if you want lower temps just invest in beter cooling, damage to your CPU can not happen either, it will throttle to normal frequency (3.6Ghz) and in the worst case scenario just shut down. 


Thanks, going to try a noctura 140mm air cooler and see if that gets me more into the range I'd like to be. If that does not get me there I will look into water cooling.

Big Boss

lttltoaster, here are your processor specifications:


The maximum is 95C, so you are fine.  Enjoy, John.

Adept III

I also have a 2600x and everything you described seems to be normal for stock cooler. If you wanna lower the clock and voltage when not gaming or doing heavy tasks turn on the Windows Balanced plan. I bought a 30 dollar after market cooler and dropped the temps by 10-15 degrees.