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Journeyman III

2600X temp so high

Hey guys, I just bought my desktop pc and today I dloaded a software to see my temps

it's Speccy from

I was so shocked to see that my cpu temp is around 85-95°C while its IDLE!!!
I was like WTF my cpu usage is around 2-7% ! how the....

I have the amd driver installed(adrenalin v20.1.3).

I also have the Amd Ryzen Master program installed.

And for my 

My specs are:

  • Motherboard: Asus b450-pro Gaming
  • CPU: Ryzen5 2600X
    PSU: Elite V3 600W
  • Case: Zalman Z1 Neo(with 3 basic fans)
  • CPU fan: Hyper TX3 Evo
  • I have 16GB HyperX ram as well.I tried to clean off the thermal paste and re-applying. That didn't work...
    Any ideas how I can fix this? I don't want my new PC to just BURN DOWN ;((((((((

Ty for the answers!

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You could try a different method for applying the thermal paste.

There are plenty of good tutorials on youtube.

Too much or too little paste can cause problems although your temperature is extreme.

What is your CPU fan speed running at?



Thank you for your reply! My fan is going around 1200RPM and I reapplied the thermal paste as well. 

A day after I found the problem, it was that the program I used wasn't reliable,instead of CPU temp is showed the CPU EDC(peak current limit) in celsius(why tho???) . its messed up cuz dat is a percentage tho... 

Then I tested it with some Dark Souls 3 and it didnt go above 55 °C

Big Boss

krizsipc, Speccy is wrong and unreliable.  Use ONLY Ryzen Master.  Thermal paste should be one of the last things to worry about.  Nobody knows your temperatures are extreme because your measurements are no good.  After seeing true temperatures, then decide.  Please uninstall all unreliable applications.  Some continue to run even if closed.  Please do a Clear CMOS.  Enjoy, John.


Thank you very much! I was a bit confused with the softwares as this pc is my first amd one.

All good now, Its now at 33°C Idle.


krizsipc, thanks much!  You are on your way.  Enjoy, John.