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Journeyman III

2400g solid green screen crash with no text.

Built a budget desktop for my kids:

2400g w/ stock cooling

8gb G Skill Aegis single stick

Gigabyte B350 gaming 3

WD Blue 1tb

Corsair VS 500

Windows 10 Pro

17.7 AMD drivers

Bios is F22 (most recent and supports Raven Ridge)

When they try and play Minecraft after about 15 minutes the screen turns solid green and the computer freezes. The highest temp I've seen on CPU or GPU is around 40c. Tried it on multiple monitors but all the same. uninstalled and reinstalled video drivers and updated everything related. looking for hopefully a quick fix, kind of hard to explain to them why it doesn't just work when in my opinion it should. Havent tried any other games yet because I'm trying to keep it offline and I don't want steam on there.

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I added a AMD RX550 GPU, BSODs are back after about a month...


It's weird, after I added the 1030 I have uptime 2 weeks (I never shut it down), no hangs, no blue screens, nothing. And my Lineage 2 is permanently started.

What is the bsod message? Mine was video_tdr_failure.

Adept I

Just updated to F23d Bios on Gigabyte AB350 Gaming 3 and got green screen after about 5 minutes of un-modded vanilla Minecraft. Looks like I will be borrowing my friends old GTX 770 for a while longer as I have no problems with it installed.

Journeyman III

Hey guys,

I've had the same issues.

I used a dual monitor setup on a Gigabyte GA-AB350N-Gaming-WIFI with a Ryzen 5 2400g and 16GB of RAM.

The main Monitor was on HDMI and the second on Displayport. I figured out that either the dual monitor was the issue, or using HDMI for the main monitor. I now use Displayport for the main display and refused to attach anything to HDMI. And this made the difference. No more green screens. The System is stable.

Seems we have to wait for some appropriate driver solutions in the near future to "really" solve this issue.

Anyways, this solution at least lets you use your machine with no more crashes.



Well, I use hdmi sound from tv monitor (samsung VF390) and usb earphones. To make this workaround means to add speakers. There is a nono for me, I just sold my 2.1 system.

Journeyman III

I wonder if you guys have the "Virtual Super Resolution" feature enabled... Disabling it fixed the green screen for me.

Though it's clearly not the case for those who get freezes even in BIOS (this one is definitely a hardware problem).


Mine was disabled, Going to try enabling it and see what happens

Journeyman III

Hello. I've had the same issue. System shuts down during installation of APU driver. I read on some forum that some guy remedied the problem by changing PSU to an old one from 2006.

This is my system:

CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 2200G

RAM: Kingston HyperX 8GB 3200MHz

Hovedkort: Gigabyte GA-AB350N GAMING WIFI

SSD: Corsair Force MP500 120GB

PSU: Enermax Modu 82+ (EMD625AWT) 625W

After I changed the PSU to a very old Antec 350W PSU everything is working perfectly again.

The guy's theory was that once the driver is installed, the power consumption goes down so much that the PSU just shuts off. I find this hard to believe, but it seems to have some merit.

Is there any way to get AMD on this? It seems to be a big problem for a lot of people. I know I am very frustrated with this, after doing the switch from Intel on this build. I am no longer so sure it was such a good idea.

Adept I

I back again. I have this problem too my computer show green screen when I will play league of legends. I had this problem two times the only solution is reset my computer.

My config is : Ryzen 3 2200G+1X8 2666mhz Crucial Ballistic +Asus Prime A320M K/BR

Community Manager

You can install the new driver available here : Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition Q2 2018 Release Notes

Note :  It is essential that you reboot the system after you install these drivers.

Please submit your feedback on any issues with this driver here.

I will try. I will keep you updated


I was hopeful that this would fix the issue, but unfortunately I just got a green screen again while playing Starcraft Brood War. I don't know if others have noticed this as well, but when I use a VGA cable I simply get a blackscreen. And when it happens (both the blackscreen and greenscreen with HDMI), pulling out the cable and plugging it back in gives me image again. Perhaps someone more computer savvy can deduce something from this.

EDIT : After installing a recent bios update to my motherboard, I have not had any more issues since a good week or so. I hope that for some others out there a bios update may also suffice.


sorry to say but the same for me. My kids still complain about green screens after some time mostly in mincraft multiplayer games.

There is no real improvment in using the latest Adrenalin driver and for sure the latest ASRock Beta Bios for my board.

The good news is that the system itself without gaming in the meantime is running extremly stable. Standby is working and there are no other issues.


I finally got around to trying he new driver. Obviously as others are also reporting, it doesn't fix the issue.

As also reported removing the cable and re attaching or pressing the windows key resets it and it goes back to working fine.

I tried DVI, vga and hdmi to dvi and it made no difference.

The fact that interacting with windows can correct it is interesting but I don't know enough about how the java to windows to driver to APU to MB graphics ports  to monitor chain works to say where the problem is.

Adept II

Edit: I jumped the gun again, after being stable 2 days I get frequent crashes in Lineage 2. I got one every day. I put back the 1030, ordered the new 2600. Goodbye 2400G, it wasn't nice knowing you.

2 days since new driver, same uptime, lineage 2 running, no hangs, bsods, green screens so far. I will keep you updated.

Adept I

I have all drive,bios updated but the same problem happens just my W10 that I not update for the reason the bugs of W10. Now I will exit the version W10 1709 to 1803AMD1.PNGAMD2.PNGAMD3.PNGjavascript:;

Adept II

Solved permanently by replacing 2400G with 2600 + 1050. Same motherboard. I have 2 weeks uptime without any glitch.


Hello i just bought the ryzen 2200g and i have the same problem when i try to do intensive tasks or play games i get a lot green screens and bsod's .

When i get the green screen of death i can still hear the game playing normally but im unable to do something.Lastly these kind of bugs started happening after the first week.The system feels slower day by day.If anyone can help or give some advice please do it.

Adept I

Just built a system with my Son, his first computer. His goal was to play Minecraft with mods, so this low budget system was perfect. We used a Gigabyte AB350 Gaming 3, with 8GB Crucial 2400 memory. No overclocking was attempted, all settings left stock.

He was experiencing green screens after about 15 minutes of play. The green screen did not occur with normal desktop use. Sometimes you could turn the monitor off/on and the system would recover, sometimes the system became unresponsive and needed to be rebooted. I knew there was a hardware issue, and after spending $700 I wanted it fixed.

I tried everything in this thread, including new chipset drivers (released 6/6/18), video drivers and "Virtual Super Resolution" setting. No luck. I even downloaded CPUID to make sure the processor wasn't overheating. It was running idle at 30c and only hit 65c when running Cinebench tool.

I found this thread and realized the only common factor was the processor. I took the processor back to Micro Center, they graciously replaced it, and the problem is gone.


Spoke too soon. The problem has come back. I wish AMD would notice this thread and give us a status update. I have no doubt in my mind that there is a design flaw in the CPU, and perhaps a microcode update can fix it. So sad.

Adept III

Hey guys,

for all with an single RAM stick the solution may be very easy..

One stick put in wrong slot will cause such black/green screens.

Also disabling XMP may help too.


I will try this.

You know how I change this config in my bios?

My Mobo is Asus A320M K/Br



I'm sorry but I don't know where the setting is for this Mobo.



thank you anyway. I will ask to a friend he has the same config that me

Journeyman III

Hello guys my name is apostolos and i build a pc for a friend an i have same issues black/green screen but only in minecraft..the other games works fine.. my pc specs

AMD Ryzen 3 2200G 3,7 GHz

GIGABYTE GA-AB350-Gaming, Mainboard (Rev 1.0)

Patriot DIMM 2x4 GB DDR4-2800 Kit

Corsair CX450M,

Seagate ST1000DM010 1 TB

Journeyman III

Same green screen problem. It's quite random. In the Event Viewer of Windows 10 there's a Kernel Power error.

My setup:

AMD 2200G

MSI B350M Motar

Crutial Sports 8G 2400 * 2

Latest dirver & BIOS


i have same problem black screen display when playing Dota2 and LOL. All drivers and bios version is updated and latest.

Ryzen 2200g

MSI a320 pro vh plus  bios ver: 7B07v39  2018-05-08  latest

2x4bg ran 2400mhz

Windows10 1709

all stock setting no overclock

Chipset drivers version


Graphics driver version

Adrenalin Edition 18.5.15/23/2018

When the ryzen release and until now the problem is not fix. I think the problem is in the Proccessor or GPU inside the Proccessor not the driver or bios.

I was wrong to buy this ryzen 2200g.

Journeyman III

And i want to ask you my friends why only in specific games and not to all games??..i run and unigine heaven and completed without issues..if i go for rma what explain can i tell??

Journeyman III

I'm trying to fix a computer for a friend. Apparently this has been happening for a few months since it was built, but it will crash to a solid green/black screen and then the speakers will buzz. This mostly happens when browsing the web using Opera, specifically facebook and facebook games, sometimes on video sites they told me.

The specs:

Ryzen 2200g - No overclock

1x8Gb Patriot 2400 Memory - stock

Asus Prime A320M-K - With most recent Bios upate



Rosewill 500 Watt PSU

Windows 10 - All updates applied to most current version

Every driver has been updated to most current version.

So far I've run:

Furmark - Temps are good, and runs fine.

Memtest - All tests passed

CPU-Z - After running for awhile seemed stable

Tried some games, no crash

Ran a bunch of browser Benchmarks, no crashing.

I plan on doing even more tests after I post this. But like I said, 10 minutes into playing Candy Crush on Facebook and I got the black/green screen and had to hard reset. Some people think it's due to hardware acceleration in chromium based browsers, some think it's a bios setting, I don't know. I'm getting irritated because I can't faithfully recreate the crash every time so this has been a bear to troubleshoot. It's absolutely random, except it's only been from browsing the internet as far as I know.

Hopefully someone can figure this out, if not I guess I'm contacting AMD next.


I can't confirm that this is a problem during normal work also when surfing and playing browser games (firefox latest beta).

From my experiance in the meantime the system is quite stable when using latest BIOS, graphics drivers, chipset drives and system updates and there are no issues since weeks - UNTIL playing some specific games - in our case minecraft onnline multiplay and in some rare cases also fortnite.

Some older games my sons are sometimes playing are running without any problems.

I changed the power plan to max performance and set BIOS settings to force internal CPU graphix card and set the memory to 1 or 2 GB with no success.

Hopefully AMD is already aware of this problems.

I think exchaning harware and changing memory slots will not solve the issue.
All guys using a seperate graphics card don't have any problems so this means -- > internal "GPU" issue  to be fixed however...


> I can't confirm that this is a problem during normal work also when surfing and playing browser games (firefox latest beta).

Can you reproduce that with say google chrome ?

AMD can't do much about browser bugs.. In Linux we don't get an green screen but since

some releases Firefox is acting up on AMD GPUs.. Frame drops and the like while any

other browser seems to be fine.

> I think exchaning harware and changing memory slots will not solve the issue.

In Windows world , hitting 'green screen' on the GPU just means memory problems.

Now that's an IGPU and the memory slots does matter.

Ofc it can be the OS itself , stupid programs , BIOS or an bug in the iGPU ( which is very unlikely ).

However an iGPU bug will atc same way in any OS but like you can see is only on Windows.

> All guys using a seperate graphics card don't have any problems so this means -- > internal "GPU" issue  to be fixed however...

No it does not mean that ..


"In Windows world , hitting 'green screen' on the GPU just means memory problems.

Now that's an IGPU and the memory slots does matter."

Ok - you want to say that all memory modules of all the guys writing here have problems? And most of us using 2 slots - on my itx board there are just 2. So no choice at all.If this is a memory issue than it seems to be an issue in the design between the internal GPU and the external memory -better timing - better control over the memory - dedicated usage.

The outcome of all is - there is an issue using integrated GPU in different scenarios - with different hardware (combinations).


> Ok - you want to say that all memory modules of all the guys writing here have problems? And most of us using 2 slots - on my itx board there are just 2.

I'm not saying that Please read up .. First peoples got these kind problems used just 'one' slot.

> If this is a memory issue than it seems to be an issue in the design between the internal GPU and the external memory

> -better timing - better control > over the memory - dedicated usage.

Well that is _ALL_ possible .. However AMD has no control about what your board Vendor is doing with the BIOS.

Also AMD has not much control about how 'fast' Microsoft peoples get all right to support new platforms.

And so 'software' peoples need a bit of time to add support for new platforms.

Also for sure it does not help to just complain.. new platforms need some time to catch up in

'software' and OS integration(s)..

I can tell you I do NOT see any kind problems running Linux.. No green/black screens , no crashes , all is working just fine.

While it can be everything an nothing we should try to find out what is causing that at OS level first.


Now again, can you reproduce 'Games in browser' green screen with other browser that Firefox ?

Journeyman III

For me, the green screen usually only occurs though when playing on maximized mode or full screen mode.

Ram is 8GB (2x4 dual) 2666MHz

The first time i experienced the green screen i thought my pc had crashed but the sound was still playing in-game.

Tried switching off/on the screen which ended up with the screen showing "static".

Only thing that worked was unplugging the HDMI cable from the motherboard and re-plugging it back in...

Hope this helps some people.


u can use this command "Ctrl + Shift + WindowsKey  + B" for reset the vga driver, too.


when i go to the system information the radeon software says that i use ddr3 memory and not ddr4 is this a bug?


Yes is a bug

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when i go to the system information the radeon software says that i use ddr3 memory and not ddr4 is this a bug?

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I reinstalled cpu drivers,chipset drivers and i installed amd autodetect and it seems the problem is solved for me.

I don't know if that is important but i also changed monitor.


If you experience the green screen, could share the make and model of the display you are using and how you are connected to the display? Ie Samsung U32850R connected via HDMI.

I would like to relay this information to engineering, thanks.


Above I mentioned that replacing the CPU fixed the problem. The problem came back, but it is now happening once a day instead of every 15 minutes. The only other thing that changed (at the same time) was the display. Previously it was an AOC M2470SWH and now it is an ASUS VP247QG. Both using HDMI