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Updating GPU drivers

I've never seen anyone here have a discussion about how they update their GPU drivers. Some folks update their drivers through the Adrenalin app. Some use DDU or AMD cleanup Utility before each install of a new driver. How do you update your drivers when installing a new version?

I normally clean install by using DDU, but the last couple of updates I've been using the AMD utility. After watching Techtubers and whatnot, I have become accustomed to clean installing each driver rather than updating through the adrenalin software. I can't really tell if there is a difference between using either DDU or AMD Cleanup, but the AMD version is a lot simpler since I don't have to disconnect my ethernet to block Windows from installing an old driver. I'll probably install 23.4.2 Sunday afternoon once I'm up and rested from working. Just had this random thought and curious how you folks update your driver if you do at all.

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Adept I

I usually just do a clean install via the Adrenalin Software (like today) but DDU is a better Idea it seems. Today after updating to the newest GPU driver windows did not start! Blue Screen with the old "Inaccessible Boot Device" msg appeard and it kinda destroyed my Win11. So DDU is a better Idea and maybe if your system works fine dont update? Cause AMD is not really reliable anymore on there drivers...


During the RX480 days I had to use AMD Cleanup Utility to get a clean WHQL install because Davinci failed to find a OpenCL compatible card.

With the RX6800 I did the Update inside Adrenalin.

Worked OK but it wasn't a WHQL driver so Davinci broke again and so Armoury Crate.

AMD Cleanup Utility and back to WHQL drivers.

Used DDU, but on my secondary systems, not the main one.

The Englishman

I'll run DDU IF I change GPU's , but generally I just install over the top of whatever I already have installed and don't typically run DDU or AMD's clean up utility unless there's a problem/issue

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