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Super silly question

Don't need support, I just really want to know what desktop pc or case that is pictured on this page; and where to get it! - - very first picture

Screenshot 2024-02-14 235754.png

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You could build it yourself. 👍

Uh... thats why I asked what case it could have been if not for a pre-made😋


I couldn't find it, but all traces I found so far lead to Cyberpower....not sure that's gonna help.

i'll go look through their cases, thanks!


Looks like a HYTE Y60 but that additional angle on the back side would show it not to be a HYTE.

I'm guessing its a random company who just copied the HYTE style case or just an edited image do it can be used for promotional pics etc 

Ah yea, that's close. I dunno why I like it so much. It really has a sort of fish tank look. But yea I suppose it could be photoshopped. I guess i just thought that perhaps AMD would picture a laptop and desktop that they are proud of or like that contain their products - so i thought perhaps I could find it or the case.

Maybe @Sam_AMD can help with this?

Hello, Dragokar (everyone), 

Yes, that case is a Hyte case by iBUYBPOWER, check it out: I believe iBUYPOWER introduced them about 2 years ago. 

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Sadly, I can't find the exact same one. The back end bend glass isn't there on any Y60/70/80 or so on. Thanks for your help, though!

Thx for the reply, but yea Dragokar just said the same thing I was thinking. There is one angled corner on the Hyte, appears to be front left. But there is also that same angle that appears on the back left, that the Hyte doesn't seem to have.

I will keep looking.


Click on the "Shop Advantage Systems" and you cannot find a "Wraith3385" at all.  I just went there to see if I could match an image with that case.  The case itself resemble the Hyte Y60.  There are a couple of other cases with the one tapered corner GameMAX Hype.  A JONSBO TK-2 has what they are calling a "surround view glass" side cover, looks nice. 

I also went to the site (NewEgg) that offers just about every case made and was unable to find anything that resembled the one in the add in your link, which is an AMD Advantage System add.

What he add shows in your link is obvious a custom designed case and custom build.    

When I did a search for a Wraith3385, most of what I got received were rifle scopes.

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i believe this case has been found to simply be a computer rendering, but closely matching the hyte y60. earlier versions of this case render had the eight pin connectors right up against the glass, with no way to connect power to them. looks like its been updated since 🙂

lets talk about rtbh99
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have a look at the new Hyte in that shape, comes with a LCD screen instead of the slim glass that is placed on the front corner. I think its the Y70

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@mengelag@Vynski  Yea the Hyte has been mentioned - but it seems to only have an angle at the front left corner, where the one pictured also has an angle at the back left corner as well. I checked the Y70 as well, but also missing that back left angle.

You could have built 3 systems by now, 😮

But not the way he wanted.

Yeh, I noticed that so I just said it resembled the HYTE Y60.  I looked at every case manufacturer and could not find a case resembling what was in the AMD add.  Take a look at this JONSBO TK-2.  I'm not familiar with it at all, but it really looks nice.  It also is a little pricey for a case that I'v never seen before.  I really like the curved glass corners on it.

Famous last words of a RedNeck "Hey Ya'll, WATCH THIS"

I do know the brand, in the EU or at least in Germany it is well known, even if it's a more niche manufacturer. They also build nice small cases in good quality!

Thanks for that info.  I really like the looks of this case.  Just suspicious when I know nothing about them.  Again, thanks a heap.

Famous last words of a RedNeck "Hey Ya'll, WATCH THIS"

You're welcome 🙂

What case is it?



There is a new Jonsbo TK3 and it looks good, can't say more since it new.