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Journeyman III

Ryzen 5800X new build shutting down

In the last week I have put together a completely new build with the following specs

Ryzen 5800X

Asus ROG Strix B550

Gigabyte 3070 OC

2x8GB Kinsgston Fury 3600Mhz


WD Blue 500GB NVME

Gigabyte 750W gold


System boots up into windows fine and browsing the web etc comes without issues. However whenever I fire up a game it completely shuts down, No BSOD etc, just a complete shut down as if its overheated. It can only be turned on again after removing the power plug for a short period.


I have run various scanning programs to log the system temps etc, the last shut down it did so with the GPU at 46 degrees, CPU at 63 degrees so all well within temperature tolerances. I've run corecylcer overnight which threw up no errors and I am wondering now if the CPU itself may have an issue (I have tried reseating it.). Also ensured that all cables are plugged in correctly, double checked multiple times

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I had a similar issue with one of my rigs.  I updated all drivers (windows, AMD) , ran sfc /scannow and chkdsk /F.  I even reloaded Windows a few time.  It ended up being PSU...  On a suggestion I upgraded from a 850 to a 1600 and everything ran great.  

It doesn't sound like a cable issue to me, because it posts fine.  And it looks like you ruled out temps.  I would guess a PSU or software issue.  Hopefully someone smarter then me comments though, lol. I'm definitely not an expert. 

Download the freeware OCCT and run the PSU test and see if it shuts down during that test or any of the other two tests - CPU and GPU.

During the testing keep a close eye on Temperatures, Fan speeds, and especially PSU Outputs 3.3/5.0/12.0 Vdc.

If any PSU outputs goes below 5% during the testing, especially the 12.0 vdc, that indicates a failing PSU.

According to a CPU & GPU - PSU requirement website it says this about your CPU and GPU and PSU:

What PSU fits AMD Ryzen 7 5800X and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070?

You need a power supply with at least 550W

NOTE: When a PC shuts down without powering off that indicates:

Overheating, Power, Overclocking issues, RAM issues (defective or incompatible), Driver issues, Defective hardware issues are some of the main reasons.