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RX 7900 XTX Sapphire nitro+ bug

Hello, I have a problem with since I installed my new Amd rx 7900 xtx graphics card. On some games (especially those that use the Unreal Engine graphics engine) pixels form on the screen. After having done all the driver updates available on all the components of the PC, my last hypothesis is the following: a non compatibility of my motherboard with one of the components of the PC.
After having discussed with all support of Gigabyte, Corsair, etc etc I am looking for answers:
Do you know of any other issues like this?
Do you know if there may be compatibility problems with the latest generation processor and graphics card?

Setup: Ryzen 9 5950X
rx 7900 xtx sapphire nitro+
corsair ram 16Gbx2 (3000 mhz) +16Gbx2 (3600 Mhz)
Aorus Elite b550 V2
Corsair 1000W power supply

I thank you for the time you would give to my questions, and hope to have the beginning of an answer to this problem.


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All looks compatible to me. 

Just curious, why are you setting 2 sticks of ram to diff speed than the other two? 


I bought the rams at a different period and the 3600 was cheaper than the 3000. If everything seems ok, why I have pixel problems in some games and applications? Here is my problem on this video: .

Can you help me ?


I'm no tech doctor, but I'm willing to bet its RAM instability. You should have them running at the same frequencies.

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I carried out several tests, I changed ram, changed frequency, but still the same problem