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my gpy is being used for only 50%-65%

hey i recently upgraded to sapphire rx 6700 and i on;y have 50-60% of usage in games. I have ryzen 5 3600 ,ram 16gb 2660mhz
ssd samsung 256gb ,hdd seagate 1tb 7200rpm,motherboard b550m-hdv, powersupply be quiet 500w . The things  I tried,  3200 ram, instaling games on ssd 

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Your CPU is the bottleneck. 

Performance over Pretty.

I forgot to tell that I overclocked it to 4.2 ghz is it still bottlenecking ?


Yep. It's not necessarily a bad thing, either. Depending on what you're doing, the GPU is just waiting for more info from the CPU to spit out to the monitor. That RX6700 would be better balanced with an R7 5700.

Performance over Pretty.

are you 100% sure  that if i buy this cpu  my graphics card will finally work fine? 


Lol, he is right that that cpu would get more from the RX6700(XT)

Though you're scores are a bit low even for an r5 3600 so there is more to be had right now. 

What motherboard are you using? And well you could check for a review with an rx5600x which are quite a bit faster but also quite cheap atm.. 

Also with 3200DDR4 you get an fabric-clock of 1600 where 3600mem would get 1800MHz IF-clk, if im not mistaken. Though that wont be the bigger issue. At low settings and res, your CPU is a bottleneck for those games. With higher eyecandy-settings the GPU is kept busy, while the CPU is running the next frame. But  without that extra work for the GPU, it will finish its work before the CPU has the next batch available.

So yes, at those settings and games you will be CPU-limited. Increase CPU speed, cache and/or core-count should improve performance, but you could still get CPU-BOUND.. the 5700 would boost higher and with better IPC the could go a long way, but you are making it also quite easy for the RX6700xt as well..

So: yes it will help if your motherbord can handle it. If not a 3700x could also be an option, but you might be better off considering an b650 and 7600x with ddr5 (6000 if in budget)

But 5600(x) or 5700 would push more frames to the GPU, at those settings.. 

sorry men for replaying after 3 months but i just forgot about it I overclocked the 5 3600(4100mhz) and tried playing cs2 but my frames were below 165 and my graphic card was used for 50% again i don't think it's the powersupply because the cpu+gpu can take at max 270watts so there's many many room left for other components so there's only my harddrives or ram my ssd is SAMSUNG MZVLB256HBHQ-000L2 and hdd ST1000DM010-2EP102 my ram has 3000mhz and i don't really know the brand because the guy who was building it for me removed the stickers while i still had the rx580 


CPU is only part of the problem.

Underpowered PSU is another, more urgent issue

Then there is slow RAM

CPU being a bottleneck somewhat also depends on how computer is used and at which resolution. At 4K CPU is not really a bottleneck. At 1440p it is limiting, but not necessarily that bad especially if he plays triple-A titles at ultra.

I would get a better PSU right now (750-850W with low ripple and high quality - "Gold" doesn't mean anything quality wise), maybe two 16Gb sticks of DDR4 3600 and 1-2Tb M.2 NVMe as system drive. Then consider leaving the HDD as a backup drive outside the machine or only store media files there. This way you are ready to upgrade to 5000-series Ryzen later on.

- That PSU is way too small
Running games from HDD is terrible
- 16Gb is kind of enough, but since it is both 16 and slow and prices are now quite reasonable, would be good idea to upgrade and then the machine is good enough for Ryzen 5000.
- Also consider a better CPU cooler if you have stock cooler. Just about any 120mm tower will do and would work with 5000-series Ryzen too as long as you don't plan like 5950X, which would not make much sense if gaming.

hey I borrowed 3200mhz 16gb ram from my friend and it didn't help, i ran some games on my Samsung PM981a NVMe m.2 and it also didn't help. I Have a silentium pc Fortis 5 Dual Fan cooler and I overclocked my 5 3600 to 4.2 ghz and it also didn't help . I was running some  games like cyberpunk ,calisto protocol, fortnite ,gtaV,rust and valorant  and it was used 100% only if I have high graphics settings(only not in valorant because there on high settings my gpu is being used for 30-40% and that's not a problem because I still have over 250-300 fps ) and if i don't have high setting the game will have the the same amount of fps and the graphic card is being used only 60-75%


CPU could be a bottleneck, though that will depend on the game. 

Back-off gpu, mem & CPU OC's a bit, as it might leed to throttling-issues (or other issues), at least check temps.

Do you use 1 stick, or have you set manual timings?


But with that said, r5 3600 isnt the fastest around, it still should be enough for most current/previous gen games.

And if you are CPU limited in a certain titel, you could up the eyecandy almost with no penalty. Though E-Sports at low, 1080p or lower and lowest settings, would be CPU limited .. Though in that case you intend to find the bottleneck to reduce every bit of latency as possible.  

hey I have 2 ram stick and  my temps are good for 5 3600 overclocked to 4.2 ghz  i have 1080p 24" 165hz 1ms latency monitor 


Sorry for the late reply.. a bit busy.. 

The two stick.. check your mobo manual if they are in the right slots for dual channel (or does the board only have 2 slots. Then check if they are running at their rated speed (and not defaulting to 2133/4800 for ddr4/5).

Temps are good.. so they are around what when running a stress test. They could be turboing on top of that 4,2GHz which will most likely make the CPU throttle to stay in power and thermale limits.. check a 4GHz clock speed.

Also if the game you are testing is CPU-bound, which would not be that odd at 1080p. At that resolution a rx6700xt would shine. Also check powerprofile in Windows, set it to highperformance.

And maybe you could check PCIE link speed in adrenaline panel. If you are using a riser of did not install in the first slot it might run pcie3 x16 or lower.

Less than 100% GPU usage, if you want low latency, isnt a bad thing per say.. but if all is running well, you are leaving eye-candy on the table.

What is your CPU score in 3dmark time-spy of firestrike. Or could you do a benchmark in 7-zip?

Something to get a score, so we can determine a performance delta, if there is any


hi my mother board only have 2 slots for ram and it has the 4.0 pcie.

i checked the 4.0ghz clock speed and it didn't help 

the problem is if I'm playing ,csgo, fortnite, gta, gtarp the frames aren't high enough because I have 165 hz monitor and this games run to max 120 fps and changing the graphics didn't it just done it worse 



Ok, that doesnt look that bad.. but in that case your CPU could be the bottleneck, and if downclocking did help in temps or stability there should just be a minor regression or possibly even improvement of score.

So lets say its the CPU, because most of those titles aren't that graphics heavy.

I should check my own system score but, anycase there was a newer driver released recently. Try that driver after updating windows and a clean install of the drivers (i was told that its the factory reset option when installing the AMD Radeon drivers (23.2.2)

(! Check 3dmark site, and lets say 4800 to 5000 should be possible.. !)

Maybe dont do allcore but let it turbo higher on 2/4 cores..

What are the temps of your GPU (package and hotspot)? And the card is slotted in the first PCIE slot directly?


Also do you have the latest chipset drivers? That could help.. as well as checking bios version.. 

But 120FPS rock solid or up-to max? (Check freesync off, vsync and adaptive sync off, chill off .. and check if you are not recording.. also.. how did you connect your screen? HDMI or DP.. what have you set for desktop refreshrate?