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Black Screen with 3200g on MSI M320a Pro when is connected to DVI and are installed AMD Drivers

On new computer

Ryzen 3200g

MSI M320A Pro

SSD Kingston A400


Belinea 1980 S2 connected to DVI-D.

When are installed AMD videodrivers  no picture on display.

Wnen use BASE Video Driver from Microsoft or in Bios I have picture

3 Replies

Is this your Monitor: Belinea 1980-S2 Colour LCD Monitor 1280X1024 Res 19"?

It has an odd Resolution for a Monitor.

With no video outputs do you get an error message like "Out of Range" on the Monitor?

Do you have video output when you give it time to boot into Windows?

Which version of Windows do you have installed?

This is the Mobo AMD Driver from MSI Support:

Screenshot 2022-12-03 192050.png

It is possible your Monitor needs to have its Monitor's Settings or in BIOS changed.

If your BIOS is set at UEFI Mode (Due to Windows 11) see if it works if you change it to CSM Mode (Legacy Mode) in BIOS.

NOTE: Some monitors simply doesn't have video output when in UEFI mode, only when Windows starts loading do you have video output.


With no video outputs I haven't get an error message like "Out of Range" on the Monitor only black screen with working computer. My BIOS is the latest.

I tried with an hdмi to dvi cable connected to the hdмi output, same result. While in the bios there is a picture on the monitor, if it starts to start windows black screen. If I load the basic Microsoft display adapter there is a picture. If I load AMD driver black screen. I think there is an incompatibility between the video card and the monitor.

I suggest you open a AMD SUPPORT Ticket and let them know about your problem with that specific Monitor from here:

NOTE: If a different more modern Monitor works normally than that does verify that your Monitor is not compatible with AMD driver.