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Best cpu choosing between r7 7800x3d and r9 7900x3d

Hello everyone,

I want to choose a new processor for myself and I don't know which one to choose between the two options r7 7800x3d and r9 7900x3d. According to the reviews I have done, r7 is much more popular and even in performance it can easily compete with r9 and even beat it in some cases. But I noticed that recent tests and published news about these two processors show that r9 has become a more powerful processor than r7. However, your opinion is very important to me and really influences my decision. The important thing is that in my country both of these processors are strangely at the same price. The next point is that I only need these processors for gaming. Thank you for sharing your opinion on this thread.

2 Replies

To me it makes more sense to run the 7800X3D. All 8 cores get the Vcache. Only 6 get it on the 7900X3D.


Especially in a gaming only rig. 

Performance over Pretty.

If all you are looking for is gaming, then I would get the 7800X3D.  There is no risk that a game would be incorrectly threaded to non 3D Vcache cores that exist on the 7900X3D.