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Adept II

What do you use to keep your cpu cool???

I have a 5950X and keep it under control with a NZXT X73. It does very well for everyday use I’ve under volted to 1.325 which helps also. But was curious what everyone else is doing. 

MSi B550 Gaming Plus, AMD 5950X XfX 6700XT Qick 319
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First thing, I lap every Ryzen cpu I buy. The IHS has tremendous variations in height due to the construction.

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My 3700X stays under control with my H100i Elite Capellix 240mm AIO. I don't undervolt or anything but it's also not a high TDP chip.

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ASUS Rog Ryujin 240 with the excelent noctuas iPPC 

Offset Undervolt minus 0,1

Temps still under control, never above 58C even under load. 

PBO currrently maxing out at 4,4 on a 2700X

How it sounds at minute 4:37


The Englishman

First thing, I lap every Ryzen cpu I buy. The IHS has tremendous variations in height due to the construction.

I may look into that I haven't lapped a CPU since Prescott days. I'm using Kyronaught Extreme on it and it does seem to be a tad better than basic Kyronaught. I rarely see over 56c whilst gaming. But benching will shoot it to 90 real fast, it does drop quickly once run is done. I've set it to 4.5 all core @ 1.325 vcore and I'm happy with it. Now to land a 6900Xt and I'm set to wait on AM5 to mature. 

MSi B550 Gaming Plus, AMD 5950X XfX 6700XT Qick 319
32GB PNY XL8R 3200MHz 4x8Gb CL16, Samsung 980 Pro 2TB
Adept I

so far with my be quiet! air cooler, it does well, although  for your cpu i would go for one of their aio's or one of their big air coolers


I cool my 3700x with the BeQuiet Pure Rock 2 (Black) I added a second fan to it and the 3700x is more than fine with this current setup. If I manage to step-up to the 5800X3D, I might grab something else if testing shows the Pure Rock not enough.

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Adept III

My 5800X is under a ASUS Rog Ryujin 240, 81º max temp in AIDA, 65º peak in gaming

Adept II

For 3700X, I use DARK ROCK PRO 4. Perfect.

If I may be vague...the cheapest option available, that still reliably works.  I can't say I have any preference, I only look for compatibility and price.

Adept II

Running a 5950X in a 7000D case with every fan slot used and a H170i with Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut. 


I've been really happy with my ThermalTake Floe Riing 240. It's only got to keep my Ryzen 5 2600X @ 3.8Ghz cool, but at ~30° delta over ambient under full load I'm perfectly happy with it.

I still use air cooling - don't judge me!

Specifically, the AMD Wraith Prism LED RGB Cooler Fan.

It works amazingly, and it is very pretty with the RGB.

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Adept I

I just change the thermal paste on time.

Adept I

my 5800X gets cooled by a Noctua NH-D15 in a Fractal Torrent case and it never exceeds 60°C while gaming at 30% Fan Speed ( Average in intense games is like 55? )

Adept II

KoolerArctic liquid kooler ii 360 aio - No rgb version 😎


o7 in local
Adept II

My 5900X is cooled by an Assassin III. Even when left running a Cinebench R23 multiple thread test for 10 minutes solid, the temperature has never gone above 63 Deg C with a 75 Deg F / 24 Deg C ambient temperature. With CPUID HWMonitor on, all cores and threads run at 100% during the test.


I bought 5 Rosewill coolers for my 5 LAN rigs, and they do surprisingly well for the price. They even include a little tube of thermal paste. They're cooling 2600X. They have a nice blue LED fan that isn't too overpowering.

The OG NH-D15 w/2 x 140mm Noctua fans on my 5900x/x570 Taichi

be quiet! Dark Rock Slim on my daughter's 5800x/x570 Steel Legend

RGB Wraith cooler that came with my old 2700x on my wife's 5600x/B550m Phantom Gaming 4

Noctua NH-U12S SE-AM4 w/2 x 120mm Noctua Fans on my 3900x/X470D4U TrueNAS server

ThreeDee PC specs

My first setup had a Cooler Master Hyper 212 when I had a 3600x, it did fine keeping things reasonable ~72°c in a 2019 Rosewill Spectra X ATX. My little brother uses both the CPU and cooler now.

When I got a 5900x I upgraded to a Dark Rock Pro 4. Kept things nice and chilly, I don't think I ever saw it pass 74°c, though I wasn't particularly monitoring it then

Swapped to a vertical 270° case (Segotep Phoenix, modded to have a mesh front panel) which doesn't have an airflow setup which can properly aircool so I swapped to a Be Quiet Pure Loop 280mm and front mounted it and added 2x intake fans so its push pull. it maxed out at about ~73°c when gaming, ~77°c with productivity.

I did recently swap to my current 90° case which has decent enough airflow to allow aircooling, and I was planning on going with a Noctua NH D-15, but after review of clearance tolerances and a recent developed interest in PC tuning I decided instead to go with a 420mm Arctic II, so I could actively cool my ram, VRMs, and my M.2 drives. (Mostly because I got it for 60% off from a recall return, ordered it and then ordered the service kit as soon as it got in and I confirmed it needed it. Used the saved cash to buy Noctua fans for it)

Needless to say the thing runs like a dream. I've yet to see it crest 65° with my tasks/settings

14900k • Z790 Apex Encore • 4090 • 2x24Gb-8000 • 1200 Corsair Shift • 420mm Arctic II Push-Pull • Noctua • Fractal Torrent •

I've been using the Zalman CNPS 9900 on it's second CPU now (Ryzen 7 2700, no OC).  

CNPS 9900CNPS 9900

First CPU was an AMD 9590 Black Edition 220W.  Very hot high performance CPU.  At times it would go up to 5.1-5.2 GH.  I had the voltage up some but not to exceed the upper limit.  Don't do that anymore, it's just not worth the wear and tear on components.  I now have it underclocked to install Windows 7 on an SSD.  I could never get it to install on an SSD until I underclocked it back to near 8350 specs.

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Journeyman III

is there any software that can tell the current temperature of the motherboard, I'm facing an issue with me laptop whenever me laptop got heat then My laptop's keyboard stops working then I need to attach external keyboard, I just wanna know, on which temperature my Laptop's keyboard stops working......

look at hardware monitor it normally will detect all sensors on a system

MSi B550 Gaming Plus, AMD 5950X XfX 6700XT Qick 319
32GB PNY XL8R 3200MHz 4x8Gb CL16, Samsung 980 Pro 2TB
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ryzen 2700x | wraith prism max rpm | 7 but soon 9 fans arctic p14 pwm pst max rpm | thermal grizzly kryonaut

I dont know how good will wraith prism cool 5900x or 5800x3d but dark rock pro 4 will do great if there is need.

All in define s case, version without window but I can place 140mm fan few millimeters from gpu.

I didnt oc cpu but vcore voltage is 1.45v and cpu boost is going up to 4.2ghz for all cores and temp in warzone is 55ºC

Adept III


My new 7700X is under an MSI Coreliquid S360 with thermal grizzly kryonaut in the middle.

Max temp is 92º in AIDA64 stress test.

Very happy with it 

Adept III

I use on my AMD Ryzen 5 5600G a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Black Edition RGB CPU Air Cooler, with 2 Zezzio  ZF-120RGB Fans (push-pull configuration),

Keeps my temperature low under (60c to 70c) under a heavy load and during gaming, one of the best air coolers I have ever used. I highly recommend if you can find it for around $40 - $60.


Ryzen 7 5800X3D, Radeon RX 7800 XT, MSI MPG X570 GAMING EDGE Wi-Fi, 64 GB DDR4.
Adept I

cpu 5900X 

cooler Noctua NH-D15S with additional 120 mm fan

case Cooler Master SILENCIO 550

max temp 85, 60-75 average in games, tuning control is default by radeon software

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