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Adept I

my gpu is being used for only 50+-60%

hey i recently upgraded to sapphire rx 6700 and i only have 50-60% of usage in games. I have ryzen 5 3600 overclocked to 4,1ghz ,ram 16gb 3000mhz
ssd samsung 256gb ,hdd seagate 1tb 7200rpm,motherboard b550m-hdv, powersupply be quiet 500w . The things  I tried,  3200 ram, instaling games on ssd 

I overclocked the 5 3600(4100mhz) and tried playing cs2 but my frames were below 165 and my graphic card was used for 50% again i don't think it's the powersupply because the cpu+gpu can take at max 270watts so there's many many room left for other components so there's only my harddrives or ram my ssd is SAMSUNG MZVLB256HBHQ-000L2 and hdd ST1000DM010-2EP102 my ram has 3000mhz and i don't really know the brand because the guy who was building it for me removed the stickers while i still had the rx580 

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First off .. I'd recommend getting a 750wt 80+ Gold rated or better power supply .. and it's always good practice to run separate power cables from your PSU to each power input on your GPU

You didn't list what resolution you are playing at

The 3600 is going to bottleneck the 6700xt at 1080p .. and perhaps at 1440p too

After you upgrade your power supply:

Update your motherboards BIOS to latest

Install latest AM4 chipset drivers from's website

Run your RAM at 3200 (or faster if you can) , making sure your FCLK matches your RAM (Ryzen Master will say "Coupled On" or similar)

Invest in a bigger M.2 drive (1TB at least) and replace your SATA HDD with a SATA SSD

You might want to grab a Ryzen 5 5600 and sell your 3600

Hopefully you are using something better than the stock Wraith cooler that came with your 3600

ThreeDee PC specs

I'm playing on 1080p 16:9 also updated my bios to the latest and run my ram at 3200 which didn't help I put the coupled mode for on and didn't help I can't really afford buying all of the components I can barrely afford a new cpu but why would i buy the 5 5600 if i overclocked mine 5 3600 to 4.1ghz adding my 3mark results maybe they can help the gpu results are run at 1080p so that's why they are custom 





You're OC'd 3600 isn't going to compete with the 5600 .. and you'll probably hurt your gaming performance in some games due to limiting single core boost clocks .. IF you could get your 3600 up to 4.6ghz all core .. THEN you'd be within10-20'ish fps of the 5600 (guesstamating here)

To make the GPU work more .. You could run VSR 1440p on your 1080p monitor (I did that when I ran a 5700XT and an ASUS 24" 144hz, 1ms monitor) and turn on all the eye candy .. 

ThreeDee PC specs

I would recommend using DDU (display driver un-install)  and then do a clean install of AMD driver

as far as CPU 3600 vs 5600:


The key metric is better single-threading perf.

Let us know how you make out.

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