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Adept I

Keyboard is behaving wonky, any suggestions?

I've got a RedDragon K551 that's having intermittent issues with some of the keys where they fail register keystrokes, and jiggling the switches generally seems to fix things as a temporary solution.

Has anyone else encountered this problem? I really do like the keyboard but I haven't found much in the way of any consistent discussions on this kind of problem other than swapping the switches, which I have tried with middling success. 

It's only a 50 dollar keyboard so it's not a huge cost, and it's lasted me longer than the warranty was good for before this issue cropped up.

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Adept III

I bought a Corsair K70 almost a decade ago and it has had no problems. I can't say anything with too much confidence regarding the new models, but if they are still using Cherry MX switches it should be very similar.

Adept I

Eh, The only reason I was even thinking of getting a second K551 was because I could strip all the switches from the old one for spares, but the K70 is 109 right now... may just pull the trigger on it now since it's normally 169. 

First thing I would do is remove those keys that are intermittent and see if there is any debris or particles preventing the switch from making good contact when pressed.

On my Keyboard I need to remove certain keys at times because they are sticky and found food particles and dirt under the key. Once I clean it with a soft brush or compressed air the key starts working normally again.

If the key is clean underneath then it is either the Key Mechanical switch is going bad or the keyboard's motherboard is going bad.

But since you mentioned after shaking it starts to work that seems to me to indicate dirt or debris under the keys.


Since this keyboard is mechanical, or so they say it is. You can purchase spare switches.

They say its equivalent to the cherry mx line but I would confirm, so if a single switch fails you can but another.



The Englishman

That is actually something I had already done and swapped in new switches. The issue seems to be the socket itself.

Also, standard cherry MX switches will not fit. Had to get the Outemo version instead. IIRC the contacts are slightly thicker on the Cherry switches.

Volunteer Moderator

I would buy a new keyboard and save myself the aggravation.  I'm not into switching out switches and pulling off keycaps.  I think that in itself will lead to failures.  

My favorite keyboard?  Thanks for asking.  I like the CoolerMaster SK-650.  I have maybe 7 or 8 of them in use on my LAN, plus a new one still in the box.  I know what I like and stick with it.

That's one of the CoolerMaster SK-650 keyboards.That's one of the CoolerMaster SK-650 keyboards.

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