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I want a 55" monitor on the wall.

As the title states.

I'm looking for something in the 55-60" range, 4K, 120Hz capable, no frills. I know Smart TVs can be had for cheap in that size, but I don't want all the "Smart" junk. It's going to be plugged into my PC 100% of the time for watching movies, or for gaming from my recliner after I get my hips done. I don't Netflix, Amazon Prime or any of that stuff, preferring to "Sail on the Bay." I play shooters, and every last frame counts so I need the high refresh.

OLED is off the table too, because Burn-in sucks.

Performance over Pretty.
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That is tough.  NVidia had the BFGD push in 2018, but basically modern TVs killed that push when they also gained variable refresh rate abilities.  Hard to find monitors over 43-49 inches now, unless they are commerical kiosk displays and then they tend to lack the high refresh rates.

I personally use an LG GX 65" TV for that purpose.  I have been using it as a PC screen for 3.5 years and no burn in to speak of.  It also allows you to set the PC HDMI input as the place to go when the TV starts instead of the home screen that has all the smart TV nonsense, which i also do not use.


Your LG... what's the refresh? 

Performance over Pretty.

The LG TV is 4K and 120Hz.  It accepts full 120 Hz 4K and 10-bit over HDMI 2.1.  No DisplayPort.

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Give this newsflash a read before saying no to OLED; they may not be available in time for you however.

LG teases its new 2024 OLED TVs with 4x higher AI performance, even better image quality

"LG's new fleet of 2024 OLED TVs feature gaming goodness at up to 4K 144Hz through HDMI 2.1 connectivity, as well as advanced TVs that feature Game Optimizer that lets gamers "easily switch" between display presets designed for different gaming genres. There's also NVIDIA G-SYNC and AMD FreeSync compatibility with the new 2024 OLED TVs that will eliminate immersion-breaking tearing and stuttering for the most dynamic and true-to-life gaming experiences, adds LG."

We should expect a full detailed rundown of LG's new fleet of 2024 OLED TVs at CES 2024, which kicks off next week in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.We should expect a full detailed rundown of LG's new fleet of 2024 OLED TVs at CES 2024, which kicks off next week in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.


As Albert Einstein said, "I could have done so much more with a Big Al's Computer!".

Still not planning on OLED. 

Performance over Pretty.

I'm not here to convince you otherwise, this is more like an information reply.
OLED burn-in is a real pain in.. and for that matter horrible to use in commercial/retail.

From my experience from implementing Digital Signage, Samsungs are the most resillient to burn in, beware that "Burn In" also happens on regular, backlit LCD, however it takes sooooo looooong to happen that no one cares.

Example: Had 12 AskCody regular Led backlit LCD tablets from LG that burned in 2 years, same image, 24/7.

Having said that, the trick is never keep static images for prolongued time, how?

Change background and lockscreen, have them cycle between images or something. Then the regular use won't do anything bad.

How does it take?
Worst case scenario, 4 to 6 months but usually around a year while keeping the same static image, like: Queeing Systems that only changes a number.

Vendor trickeries only mitigate the burn in, does not avoid it.


For You @Axxemann 

Sony still holds on to old tech, like the headphone jack on the Xperia lineup, so.. look for 2022  Sony TVs with VA panel, some like this one have Variable Refresh Rate available. If Sony is still not the choice, you have to dig in hard cause most vendors went on the OLED bandwagon.

Sony X85K Review (KD-43X85K, KD-50X85K, KD-55X85K, KD-65X85K, KD-75X85K, KD-85X85K) -



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One of my gaming buddies just upgraded to a 65" Sony. He went that route because it's got better integration with his PS5 and all the other addons. I think he's running an X85.

I'm not as brand loyal. I just want it reliable and idiot-simple to set up. 1 cable from my lone HDMI out (better still if the TV is DisplayPort capable, I have 2 more of those available) and a power-on from the remote. Sound can come from the PC, and I'll worry about upgrading my speakers when I actually find a TV. It's not going to see tons of use, since I prefer gaming from a proper desk with a conventional 27" 1440p IPS panel. Thing is, I know I'm going to be convalescing for a couple of months and sitting at my desk is gonna be tough for a decent chunk of that time. It'll also come in handy for when I have company over and want to show them videos or photos of stuff. Easier from a ginormous 4k screen on the wall than having 4 people crowd around my desk.

Performance over Pretty.

This pretty much exactly how I use the LG.  The is a single HDMI cable from my PC to the Denon X3700H receiver, and then another out to the TV.  

I have the TV input set to PC mode to allow for the full RGB signal.  And the TV is set to open directly to than input instead of the home screen.  Like you, I do not use the smart features of the TV at all. 

So far after 3.5 years I haven't had any issues.  The PC has been used mostly for gaming and movies in that time, very little web browsing or productivity work.` 

I also would have preferred a monitor to a TV, but as I mentioned the large monitor push went belly up a few years ago when TVs gained variable refresh rates.