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Journeyman III

AMD vs NVidia on their FreeSync implementations

Hi all, newbie to AMD.

My monitor is the ASUS PG27AQDM 1440p 240hz OLED and i've just moved from an RTX 3080 to a Sapphire 7900 XTX Pulse. The first thing I noticed was FreeSync seems to just.. suck? I'm experiencing a shocking amount of freesync flickering that didn't exist on my 3080.

This is a Freesync/Gsync compatible monitor so I had GSync (fullscreen and windowed) enabled. I never experienced any kind of screen flickering other than from games when there was FPS drops like a loading screen.

But now i've installed the 7900XTX and in the AMD settings the only option I see is "AMD FreeSync Premium" enable/disable under Gaming -> Display. Having it enabled shows screen flickering nearly all the time and even on the desktop. As we speak this reddit window in Edge is flickering.

Why is the flickering so much worse on AMDs? why is the only option on or off instead of full screen or windowed like how NVidia does it?

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Adept III

Does your monitor support Displayport 2.1?  Do you have a video cable that also supports Displayport 2.1?

My Samsung monitor would blink out and do all kinds of crazy stuff before I got the correct Displayport cable.

In my case, it was Displayport 1.4.

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Adept I

Worth checking, did you DDU before installing the AMD card?

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Adept I

This sounds like a driver issue more than a feature issue. I would try running DDU and re-installing the drivers. And if your monitor came with any drivers, try re-installing those too. Worth also checking in the monitor OSD to see if there is a specific setting you need to adjust to move from Gsync to Freesync or if it just does it automatically.