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Best x670 motherboard for the 7950x cpu

For my first build, i was thinking about running the 7950x and was wondering whats the best recommended motherboard for with x670 chipset

Thanks in advance

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Well ... I've been running AM4 ASRock motherboards for years now and they have all been rock solid. 

I currently run the ASRock B650E Steel Legend with a 7950x and 2x32GB Gskill Ripjaw S5 6400 CAS32@6200 CAS30 w/UCLK=MCLCK, FCLK=2100, PBO Preset 85c TJMAX, CO-20 all cores .. great stable setup once again from ASRock

Indirectly answering your question, lol

ASRock x670 variant that fits into your budget IF you need the extra PCIe lanes and/or beefier mosfets/VRM's

ThreeDee PC specs
Adept III

If you aren't into overclocking it doesn't matter much. If you want hardware flexibility you probably want an ATX board. If you do plan on overclocking, some boards are much better than others.

I have read that Mini ITX (2 RAM slot) boards can overclock RAM much better than 4 slot boards. CPU overclocking varies greatly between boards, ideally you want to get a board with the best CPU voltage regulators you can.