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Unreal Tournament 3 RX 480 still performs horribly. Can it be fixed by through the driver?

Dear readers

My old post of the Nvidia GT 710 performing 100% better than the RX 480 @480p seems to have been deleted for some reason.

My current build is

- Latest Windows 10 64bit

- 16GB DDR3 1866Mhz RAM

- FX 8350 @4Ghz (4.2Ghz boost)

- Compatible motherboard

- RX 480 8GB Radeon Card (Adrenaline 20.11.3)

- GTX 1060 3GB Nvidia Card

The previous explanation from the team was that they were working on a fix for too many Occlusion calls from the game, whereas the problem didn't exist in 16.6.2 Crimson drivers but does for every driver after that up until now. @dorisyan 

These screenshots were taken on Facing Worlds on top of the Castle in Capture the Flag mode. With any Radeon card or APU with current drivers it struggles to maintain above 32FPS in a lot of maps, whereas the weaker 3GB GTX 1060 easily does 70FPS+ in these scenes.

RX 480 sub-acceptable performance:


GTX 1060 3GB acceptable performance in 2020 for 2005/2006 game:


Please do not delete this again without explaining if you are able or willing to improve this unplayable variable performance issue. This is crucial in deciding to stay with team Radeon instead of Nvidia. At least give an explanation; for example, "the developers only optimized for Nvidia" or "Nvidia must've included an optimization fix for it all these year" and therefore we have decided it is up to the developers to provide better scalability.

Kind regards


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Hi @dipak  @dorisyan  @xhuang 

The performance drop is still persistent in the latest 21.8.1 drivers.


Hi @xhuang @dipak 

Hope you are well, would really like to know if there is any new news, since it has been two weeks since our videos has been forwarded to the development team.

Kind regards


Dear @xhuang @dipak  @dorisyan 

Hope you all are well, I would please like to ask if there are any updates on the performance tests? It has been a very long time since the last response.

Kind regards


Hi @dipak @xhuang @dorisyan 

I have found another Unreal Engine 3 DirectX 9 title that is severely affected by this bug, namely:

It is unplayable with any AMD CPU before Ryzen where it used to average 100FPS, it now drops down to 40FPS.

Please investigate further.

Kind regards

Hi. Did you try disable HPET when using DXVK?

Disable HPET: bcdedit /deletevalue useplatformclock
Enable HPET: bcdedit /set useplatformclock true


Hi @deepforest 

I just tried it without HPET by disabling HPET in the BIOS, and I did not see any improvements at all in feel or in the FPS counter. Furthermore, I am not currently using DXVK anymore, since it causes graphical artefacts for me in some Unreal Engine 3 games. Sometimes to the extent that I cannot select things on the UI in the game.

From further reading and watching videos, Windows 10 only uses it when it needs to and does not use it by default. It is also necessary keeping accurate timestamps of required things.

This user made a quote from an employee at AMD (Robert Hallock, I think):

Also, this tech/game reviewer show that leaving HPET at default Windows settings seems to yield in the best performance if I understood it correctly:

Windows will switch between timers at default as I understand.

Kind regards

Hi again!) You right! Thanks for explanation video. I mean that

Stock HPET: bcdedit /deletevalue useplatformclock

is work for me, its default windows 10 value, sorry for mess)


And do you know about this UNOFFICIAL drivers for radeons?


Hi @deepforest 

I know of those nimez drivers, but I have never tried them. Have you? I am a bit afraid to use them, because I have to take very good care of my RX 480 and I think he tweaks power & fan curves as well.

Yes I have also tried that "bcdedit /deletevalue useplatformclock" command just to make sure everything is at default, but it does not fix the Radeon Unreal Engine 3 issue.

Kind regards


Hi @deepforest 

The current version of DXVK (1.9.2) seems to be more stable and does improve the FPS considerably in Unreal Tournament 3 and works this time around for Heroes of Might and Magic 7.

It does have this hiccups though, as if there is shader compilation happening whilst playing which is a bit game-breaking.

Furthermore, it might be a better option than standard AMD drivers at the moment, but it certainly does not excuse AMD from not attending to their lost optimization which causes sub-PAR performance.

Kind regards



Just tested the last mission of Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City, and DXVK causes zombies to disappear when shooting them on the train tracks, which does not happen in the base DirectX9 version.

So, AMD cannot leave it solely third parties to fix performance issues, AMD will still have to address this.