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OpenGL & Vulkan

Journeyman III

QFrameBufferObject & QOffscreenSurface Issue with AMD Graphics

We are using QFrameBufferObject & QOffscreenSurface based Rendering, than blitting the rendered Stuff into a QWidget via QPainter. (nothing complex, more basic stuff, like simple meshes with specific colors) The QFrameBufferObject has the Standard Color0 Attachment and additional the Depth Attachment This works quite well on nvidia, intel and even some embedded graphic solutions based on OpenGL ES 2.0 But Customers reporting, that on some PC's with AMD Graphics (mostly AMD Hybrid Laptop Solutions, RX 550M & Co). So I testet it on a PC with an Radeon 6800XT ... and it doesnt work! All Drivers are actual. QOpenGLCOntext reporting Version 4.6 Desktop Profile. Surface Format is Premultiplied ARGB8 The Devices reporting all needed Extensions are supported .... The QOpenGLDebugger is enabled, and even the the device supporting KHR_debug ... nothing comes over the callback. At least the intel and nvidia cards reporting some informations and performance Warnings here. Checking with glError every call also shows nothing, the result is always 0 (GL_NO_Error) But the resulting Image from the QFrameBufferObject is always empty. Can anyone point me in the right direction where to look. Whats the difference here on AMD cards? I think we are missing something simple here.
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