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OpenGL & Vulkan

Journeyman III
Journeyman III

FTGL, Great CPU utilization

High CPU load on simple text rendering

Currently I'm use FTGL library to render the text (texture font used) in my OpenGL application. I'm found a strange behaviour on different configurations with it. While the old system with GeForce FX5500 and Intel P4 have a very small CPU load (2-3%) my developer system take up to 70% (one core) AMD Phenom X2 550 load to render just several lines of the text!!!

OS not in the case - both Linux (Ubuntu 9.10) and Windows (tested Windows 7) are slowdown. Tested Catalysts versions 9.6-10.1 on AMD RadeonHD 3870. But users reports normal CPU load on oldest drivers and hardware (ATI Xpress 1200 + Catalyst 7.6).

I can't find the rootcause in my application (or FTGL library - code looks fine) - most CPU clocks are done in system OpenGL driver library (Catalyst). Tried to use AMD Codeanalyst.

My application - sView 2009 alpha (not the old sView 2008 version). Test case: launch an application from start menu (sView/sView - Image Viewer) -> open longest menu ("Anaglyph Red/Cyan" -> "Change Device" for example) and look for CPU load.

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