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Adept I

Where can I get an older version of AMD APP SDK?


My Graphic Card is HD 5000 series that does not support OpenCL 2.0

I really want to use OpenCL but what I can find is only AMD APP SDK v3.0 which has OpenCL 2.0.

Is there anywhere I can download AMD APP SDK that supports OpenCL 1.1 or 1.2?


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Thanks a lot. This really helped me

Big Boss

Hi pjh2904,

First, you need to install a compatible driver for that HD 5000 series card. The driver can be downloaded from here: Download Drivers

Regarding the APP SDK version, I don't think it is a concern here because OpenCL support for GPUs comes with the driver itself. Whereas APP SDK package provides headers and libraries that are required for OpenCL development. APP SDK 3.0 can be used as well,  however any OpenCL 2.0 sample will fail.

Please note that APP SDK is no longer officially supported. On Windows, one can use this lite SDK package available here: Releases · GPUOpen-LibrariesAndSDKs/OCL-SDK · GitHub

Thanks dipak. I didn't know that OpenCL support for GPUs comes from the driver.

I will install catalyst 15.9 and try it again. Thank you very much!!