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Adept II

Won this motherboard and monitor!

What i wonWhat i won

Felt like sharing this, got them both back in may- Can't use the board yet though.

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Congrats and if you don't want the board 😉

I don't give [FreeSamples], stranger.
And i'm afraid i'm not equipped to take your payment, so the board will remain mine.

Have fun building up a new system.  Share the pictures with us.

As Albert Einstein said, "I could have done so much more with a Big Al's Computer!".

We aren't strangers anymore 😉

This will be a nice setup in the end, I am sure.


Unfortunately, i don't have money; so this board's been sitting in my closet for most of 2023.

Maybe you should sell or donate it to someone before the components lose value?

As Albert Einstein said, "I could have done so much more with a Big Al's Computer!".
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That is pretty sweet. 

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What build do you intend to do ?

Well, my current build is a 5700X, 3060ti, and 32gmhz RAM.
If i go AM5, which- not sure what CPU would be a good upgrade for me..
But, i'll need a new cooler, new RAM, a new CPU, and ideally an NVME ssd; as i'm still on a 2.5in sata SSD.
My windows install is older than some people.

If it was me id sell the board and upgrade some of your components. AM4 still has a few years in it.

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I've tried; no-one's bought, best way to sell the board would be a pawn shop at this point.
But, i'll humor you; even if i am satisfied with my current PC's performance.
What would you suggest upgrading?



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Adept II

Nice grab , seems Santa came early for you . Enjoy!😋 😎


Congrats yeah.... 

Have fun on the build, maybe you will find bits to go with those on a black Friday  Christmas / new year sales too 🙌

I have no money, so the board just sits in my closet.

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Congratulations man! Always nice winning things 

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