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What is the one thing you love most about Team Red?

What is the one thing you love most about Team Red and why? Is it the processors, the GPUs, the community, or something else? For me, I'd have to say I think the Red Team has the best online community I've ever been a part of. There is a real sense of "one team, one goal" here and the knowledge in these forms is bar none. I've been able to learn so much from reading everyone's posts and have solved a few tough problems with the help of people here. Keep up the work and positivity everyone!

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I really do bang with the Red Team community as well. Some real solid, dope folks here. I also love that AMD and Red Team run giveaways monthly. It helps those who might not have been able to afford items, or help with an upgrade. Or just wanted to participate and got a treat. Real cool of Red Team. Since I've built my first PC in '14, my PC has been powered by AMD CPUs. The 6800 XT is my first AMD GPU and it's been an amazing experience since I got it in June '21. So, I'm a fan of that, too! 😆

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Many years ago, I was part of an online forum community for years, it was one of the first I ever joined. I met some fantastic people, worked to becoming a mod and eventually and admin of that place until I had to "retire" when I left for University. There are people from that community that I keep as friends, and others that I still contact through discord and such. Although I am not part of the forums anymore, I absolutely loved that community.

The AMD Red Team is right alongside it. There are some fantastic folks here who genuinely care about the community and contributing to building it. People with fantastic knowledge who like to share, people who add to interesting conversation and an admin/mod team which really have the best interests out for community members. Which is shown by their actions both in and outside the forums. 

I can honestly say that it is because of the Red Team that I will consider only AMD parts for future builds, and strongly guide people in my friend circles and those I can towards the Red side!

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I started with AMD awhile ago when Ryzen First came out and Price to Performance is unmatched by any of AMD's Competitors it also seems like AMD cares more about their Customers the Community is Great also people helping each other out and problem solving together is Great I barely see it anywhere anymore Team Red will always have a Special Place in my Heart 

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What is the one thing you love most about Team Red?

This kind of topics actually.

For me, its very important to create a connection, friendship and sense of togetherness even if we are so far away from eachother.  That is what makes this community, a good community.

Sharing experiences, helping others, show our builds and off-topic is a good way for me to relax at the end of the day while having a cup of tea.

I don't like TIK TOK/Facebook style of social media. Too fast and not enough words. Its like comparing between a book and a sunday afternoon movie, you have a laugh and move on while reading a book is much more rewarding.




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I've been building with AMD for 20ish years now.

I happened on the Red Team Community back in September of last year. While the questions I had for a dead GPU didn't pan out, the helpfulness of the members around here (I'm looking at you, @johnnyenglish since you were the first guy to respond) kept me around. And being able to help out others with the few nuggets of knowledge that I have, some appreciation for my sometimes long-winded anecdotes from past experiences; and being tapped to help out with the tech articles has kept me around. I'm like Johnny, I can't stand Facebook/TikTakTok and all the other BS social media. The really good stuff is found on forums like these.

I'm just happy to be here!

Performance over Pretty.

For over 40 years I have been all AMD.  Started with ATI GPU's and was very pleased when AMD acquired that franchise.  

I guess we'll always have the WACB's (Whiney A** Cry Babies) that act as if Intel and Nvidia have no problems at all.  All I can do is wish them lots of LUCK!

Anyway, I like the Forum, CPU's, GPU's, Service, Chipsets, Drivers, and anything I may have left off.


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