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What initially piqued your interest in PCs?

Just curious about what initially piqued everyone's interest in PCs? For me, it felt like a natural progression from the Nintendo Console era. I was always introverted and enjoyed taking things apart, so the idea of building a PC that I could also game on and upgrade, was very appealing to me. The only downfall is that sadly it's an expensive hobby lol. 

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You know, I couldn't tell you what really made me "love" computers. It just turned into something that was part of my life.

The first console I ever owned was an original Playstation. I was introduced to computer gaming through CS 1.6 and LAN cafes. 

I remember the first time I ever played an MMO (Runescape).

I remember the first computer that I "built" - It was actually built at a store but I got to pick the parts.

I honestly was so hooked that I never looked back. Console gaming just never became an option for me. Computer gaming had such a profound impact on my life, in terms of the friends I made and kept, the passions I built. Also there is something about actually building your own system, making it just that little bit yours and being proud of that. Something that is really hard to duplicate with console gaming.

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I learned programming using SAS (Statistical Analysis Systems) and SPSS (IBM) on a university mainframe.  I was heavily into statistics and genetics at the time and when computers became a Home Desktop thing, the interest fell into the abyss.  

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