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Thoughts on the new 7600xt launch?

With AMD's new Radeon 7600xt release, do you guys think it will be a new wonderful option for sub 1000 builds?
My only complaint so far is I think it should have at least an 192-bit memory bus to match the higher vram. However, aside from that, there's not much for me to complain about, it's a completely solid card to me. I do wish that the price was a few dollars cheaper just to really stretch the price to performance, such as 300-310.

Sorry if it sounds like I don't know much about the subject, I'm still trying to learn more about GPUs and each individual spec affects performance.

Jake R
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There was a time when 256 bit memory bus was available on 300dollar cards.

Nowadays, the 7600XT should perform quite well against its primary competidor 4060, that is also a mere shadow of its former 1060 glory days.

Midrange GPUs will soon be a thing of the past like entry level 1030 or RX540 that vanished into oblivion. I even think this generation may be the last time se see 4050 or 7500XT. If they get to be released at all...

Plus! iGPU's are getting really good to put those 200 dollar cards out of the market. 8700G leaks show a 1650 being beat at 1080p, Add fluid motion and the entry level gamer will say sweeeeet!



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Anytime AMD can put something to the market to target a certain range of gamers is a good thing in my opinion.

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It will be interesting to see when reviews come out how the performance compares to the 7600, however initial reaction is $60 seems quite a bit extra to pay for just a frequency bump.

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I have been looking very closely at the rx 7600 and watching the price thing also.  Was hoping to get a good deal over the holidays but that didn't seem to happen.  I have done my homework and find that the only price I've seen is about $350 US and you can get the 7600 for $270 US .  If you go to TechPowerup you can compare the performance of both the 7600 and the 7600 XT side by side.  What you will find is that your going to be paying $80 more for 8 GB of RAM.  Everything else is the same.  Performance wise the 7600 XT has about a 4% increase over the 7600.  In my opinion it's not worth the $80.  You can simply overclock the 7600 to achieve the same results with 8 GB less VRAM. 

Now if your a hard core gamer, why are you even looking at the 7600 series card when a 6700 XT out performs  the 7600 XT.  My local Best Buy has an XFX 6700 XT for the same $350 and the 6800 XT for $420.  The 6800 XT is a 60% boost over the 7600 XT for an additional $70 if you can afford it.  I'm assuming that you are on a limited budget is why your looking at the 7600 XT.  Not worth $350 when you can get better performance with a 6000 series card at the same price or much better performance for a little more.

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I'm thinking about the 7800 XT in the $500 USD price range as my best option to replace an older MSI RX 580 GPU; this is for my TOTB-2 system mounted into my workbench shelving.  I have a decent 27" curved 120 Hz monitor and the AMD 5600 CPU in this gaming platform.

With the monitor mount that comes down, I no longer strain my neck when gaming on TOTB-2.With the monitor mount that comes down, I no longer strain my neck when gaming on TOTB-2.

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Now that reviews are published, it seems obvious that 16GB of VRAM on this level of card, whether it is the RX 7600XT or RTX 4060 16GB, simply does not make enough of a performance difference at the resolutions the card is capable of playing to warrant the extra expense.

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