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Summer's Knocking! What's Your Plan?

Summer is just around the corner, ready to whisk us away on a wave of sunshine and good vibes. So, what's your plan for the season?

  • Are you going to be a water wonderer and seek out the nearest body of water to park your butt there and dive in for as much time as you are allowed?
  • Are you going to pack your bags and head out to explore the unexplored (or your favorite camping spot) fighting off every mosquito you see and hopefully no bears or snakes.
  • Are you going for maxin-chillaxin with either a tropical getaway or culinary adventure through Europe?
  • Are you going for the Backyard Bonanza where everyday will be a summer festival inviting all those who you know and maybe some that you don't over for what you consider to be the best BBQ this side of Texas? (Not saying I'm looking at any of you @Amber_AMD , @Wally_AMD & @Sam_AMD ) 😛

Myself, I'll be honest - I really hate the heat... It is just too hot. There is only so much clothing you can remove before the cops are called, and your always in a sweaty mood.

So for me, other than the various weekends that we have planned to go to the cabin at the lake - my plans are to either stay cool (preferably indoors, potentially playing videogames) or head to the beach where a dip in the water to cool down is always available.


So what will be your summer plans?

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I'll be spending my evenings working... provided WCB and my new employers can get their sh- I mean stuff - together so I can start training. WCB is dragging feet on paperwork for subsidized training. New job is so short staffed they have to bring someone in from Delta to train me as it is, and this person works a 5AM to 2PM shift while I'll be on the 4PM-1AM shift.

Performance over Pretty.

I've never had to go through WCB, but I do hear that it can be quite a problem 😞

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Yeah. It's been 2 weeks since I as told I got the job, and still no letter of offer or anything else. Luckily, I have a phone interview with a temp agency tomorrow for one of their in-house jobs. If anything, maybe they'll have something I can do to earn a few bucks to keep a roof over my head until things get sorted out.

Performance over Pretty.

HOPEFULLY, I can visit my little sister in Dallas and then go see my  little brother in Vegas. They're both always on the move and with my work schedule, stuff doesn't line up like I'd hope. But seeing them both in their cities are my priority this summer.

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I actually haven't had a summer vacation since grade school... We're thinking of buying a reasonably sized above-ground pool for this summer as Texas can get HOT. But my fiancée needs to convince me a bit more on that front as I don't want to be the one who maintains it... lol.

Someone convince Wally to take a vacation to a beach somewhere!!!


The work work work gif made me laugh

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You live in this little place called, America - which if we remember is actually just:


But anyway.... in this America - you also live in this place called.


and - although weirdly shaped, it does have this upside down shark fin called the Gulf of Mexico TEXAS - which funny enough is connected to some really really really really salty water by a huge strip of raw unrefined glass broken down into tiny-near microscopic pieces.


 Funny enough - there are people who enjoy going here as a "break from work" - and will spend a week or so lounging on the unrefined glass (which is mixed with the broken down and battered carcasses of Arthropods and Crustaceans btw) to swim in this super salty water - all while getting irradiated by and object so powerful that its harmful rays travel 152 Million KM (94.4 Million Miles if you're doing the bad conversion) just to cook you.

Convinced Yet? NO?! - Don't worry there is more! 

You can add to your vacation by visiting complex metal machines and structures that are perilously supported by wood over the ocean:


and so much more!

However, if that is not for you - no worries. I totally understand - just stay home - go to work... 


That sounds like fun too...


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= Meme Story Line =









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For me, I will be working and hanging out with y'all in the forums.. but when I'm not here... I'll be reading a good book, playing some games, or laying out in the sun by the pool or in my backyard 🙂 


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You know, @Amber_AMD that gif was not the pretty blonde in a bikini picture I was wanting or expecting, but it still made my day. You win +5 internets today!

Performance over Pretty.