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Computex 2023, Did anything in particular interest you

Now that Computex 2023 is done, was there anything you're excited to see come to market this year? I know I liked that they're looking at doing MBs with the cable inputs on the back of the MB. I also think it's pretty cool that Acer is getting into the GPU game. More competition is always a good thing.

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I agree that competion is a good thing but AMD and Nvidia pretty much have the market and even Intel cannot touch either of them even when trying.


The power on the back is neat but is it feasible with current cases or is this going to have the builders having to spend more money for a new MB, CPU, GPU and Case all so that they can hide the cables easier? One of our neighbor games sent the video of the new graphics card with the power coming from the MB. I asked him if he would get it and never heard an answer as I am sure with it being new there is going to be the initial cost in production and paying $1k and up for a new card does not make it worth my while to have the "neat" card and also buying a new MB.


In a few years it might be common place and everything will be that way and the cost will have come back down, hopefully 🙂


i loved seeing all of the new cases. need to start saving up for one of them maybe, but which one to choose...

lets talk about rtbh99

I'm definitely intrigued about Acer jumping into the game with GPUs. Their Predator GPU didn't look too bad on the Arc lineup. I hope they cook up something slick on the AMD side that has a premium feel, too. I was also curious about the new Noctua fans. They probably won't release until I'm 90 though. They can't stick to their roadmap.

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Rough see AMD Fsr2.1,in January.It's one  of computer game and like fps..... Fsr improves GPU processing speed for multiple graphics.At the same time, for graphics rendering and graphics rendering layout,to further improve Visual Information Technology


Nothing really appealed to me. Mind you, I didn't see a whole lot in terms of new watercooling, the cases were kind of meh, and the fans didn't impress.

Performance over Pretty.

I didn't come across anything intriguing at this year's Computex. It seems like Nvidia and AMD are inclined towards shifting their attention away from gaming and towards AI.