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Adept II

Music to game and stream to

If this isn't allowed, please remove and I apologize.

I am a gamer since windows had minesweeper, been around since pong and my first gaming system was an atari 5200.

I have been a DJ for multiple decades and have always loved music.  For about 2 decades I had a song idea and I finally did something about it.  I made a song with Mr. Mixx of teh 2 live crew and it is a sports Hype song.

in 2019 I had brain surgery and made a straight outta brain surgery mix as therapy. Less than one year later I had a half of lung removed and my thought was to make a straight outta lung surgery mix, but George Floyd happened and I couldn't do that with songs based on breathing.

So I made a decision that life is short and I am getting old (now 52 years old), I started making music.

Since then I have made a lot of songs and I even had one that teh Detroit Piston Dancers danced to all season long during the Hot Time out.

I have a library of songs and maybe some of you might like.  Ideally I would like to hear one in a video game, but one can dream.

Here is a link to my music:

@Officialdjdmc music links - DistroKid (

Also all my socials are @officialdjdmc and you can search for y music and mixes that way too.  

Anyways have a blessed day and year!  






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Big Boss

Super interesting, I would really like to hear some of your work and if possible, with your permission,use on a couple of my YouTube videos to help spreading your work.

If its ok with you.

The Englishman
Adept II

of course!  The link is above.  Let me know what song and I can send it to you.  Thanks!

Adept I

Salute to your efforts and music skills.

Volunteer Moderator

Yes, life is short.  Share your experiences and abilities with your friends and social interactions.  Do the things you are good at and make the most of it.

As Albert Einstein said, "I could have done so much more with a Big Al's Computer!".
Adept II

Thank you guys!