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Happy Canadian Thanksgiving


I know there are some Secret Canucks amongst us, so for those of you who enjoy a nice Fall Thanksgiving rather than a  snowpocalypse-thanksgiving-so-close-to-Christmas-that-what-is-even-the-point-of-back-to-back-turkeys...


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LOL! Too funny! I love our Canadian friends! Every time I go to our HQ in Markham, they manage to put a smile on my face, with a splash of maple syrup! 

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You mean the old ATI HQ? Yes, I'm old enough to remember a time before the merger/acquisition 😄

But yeah, super cool that you get to head over there. Do they do tours for long time AMD users like myself? Not that there's anything overly interesting about an office building, but if they had a little museum or something... or someone had a 6650XT in a goodie bag for me, I'd make the 3 day drive from the prairies!

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HA. To be fair, my family doesn't have turkey on Christmas. We usually have a roast of some sort, so no back-to-back turkeys for me! Happy Thanksgiving to you and all our Canadian pals out there!


Happy belated Thanksgiving to you, bro. My family was out at the cabin this year, but since I live the farthest away and it was on short notice, I wasn't able to make it out. I think I had pork chops and taters that day, and played video games with my buddies.

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