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Vulkan Rendering Issue, Also a bug report

Hello RPR community and representatives. I'm having an issue I very much hope you can help me out with. Basically when using any settings that invoke Vulkan rendering (Low-High) instead of OpenGL (Full rendering) my Radeon Prorender routinely crashes. I really would like to use these settings as I'm not very much looking for hyper-realistic rendering.

First off, I'll list my specs:

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700x

GPU: AMD Radeon Vega 56 Power Color Red Devil 8gb HBM2

RAM: 32GBs G.Skill @ 3000MHz cl16

MOBO: Asrock X470 Taichi

AMD Driver software ver: 20.5.1 (latest as of 6/24)

Maya Ver: 2018.6 (Latest version for 2018)

RPR version: 2.9.1

So the first thing 'wrong' that I notice is that when I open Maya it lists my GPU memory limit as 4095MBs, and obviously my Vega 56 is an 8GB card. As far as I know this is just for VP2.0 so shouldn't be an issue? Just wanted to point it out.

Anyhow the main (critical) error that I am getting is:

'Can't allocate memory for image, VkResult=-2

Imgur: The magic of the Internet 

Now I am dealing with a rather big scene. Is thats why this error is happening? How would you suggest I deal with it if so?

Also some weird bugs:

If two or more of the same objects are referenced in the scene, only the first one renders

Denoising using machine learning seems to never work (denoiser failed to initialize error)

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Thank you for reporting this issue.

The error is most likely due to something in the scene. Is it possible that you can provide the scene you are having this issue?

Hybrid rendering is known to use high amount of vram memory.

Regarding "when I open Maya it lists my GPU memory limit as 4095MBs"

Is it the Maya output window that  is displaying incorrectly?

Currently there is a known issue with were Denoiser provides this error.

Regarding the objects references could you provide a scene that this issue occurs in?

>Is it the Maya output window that  is displaying incorrectly?

Yes indeed, but I can see in radeon software that Prorender is using near max VRAM when i render so I'm not too worried about that

I guess my question is, if the textures in the scene can't fit onto gpu vram, will hybrid rendering/vulkan rendering not work/crash? Thats been my experience so far.

Heres the scene I cannot render with any of the Vulkan modes. Like I said it's a fairly large scene. I've included the Maya file, textures, the skybox texture, and on top of that did the RPR Scene export as well. All included. I'm curious if you can figure out why this won't render and has RPR encounter an error. 

Let me know if theres a better way to share stuff with ya.

I'm still looking into the referencing weirdness going on. I'll follow up on that later.


Hey David,

So with the referencing thing, I've taken screenshots as to what I'm talking about.

AMD Prorender - Album on Imgur 

As you can see, I have two characters in the scene. Both are references of the same file. When I render in RPR one completely disappears, except for his gun. Really weird, any ideas as to why this happens? I'll be messing around a bit with the file. I can provide it if you'd like.



I can reproduce this on my side. From what I can see, you are correct: the textures are indeed using a large amount of VRAM which in term is causing this error. The problem is that the textures are uncompressed before being sent to context. So, if you have high resolution textures or a large number of them, this can cause the issue. I will go ahead and send this issue to developers. Maya should actually not be crashing if VRAM is overloaded.

Regarding Maya output window not showing the correct amount of VRAM. This is most likely an Autodesk Maya bug. Does it show this data when RPR is uninstalled?

About references: are they connected to Maya Display layers or Render Layers?
Also does this happen if RPR is uninstalled? We did have an issue like this when turning layers on and off: then objects would randomly not show up in VP2.0. If you could send an example scene with the reference issue, we could try to find out if it's a bug on the RPR or Maya side.

Heya David,

Thanks for looking into that, and thanks for the help you've given so far! I'm super happy theres this level of support. Sorry for not responding yesterday, it was busy.

>Regarding Maya output window not showing the correct amount of VRAM. This is most likely an Autodesk Maya bug. Does it show this data when RPR is uninstalled?

I'll be testing this and I'll let you know the result!

>About references: are they connected to Maya Display layers or Render Layers?

Looks to be display layers, they should all be the default when Advanced Skeleton is finished. I messed with a few of the settings but no luck. Very inconsistent. Here's what I'm using, it's a full rig made with Advanced Skeleton.


Like before, theres the maya file, textures, and then a RPR export for whatever works best for ya.

So like I said, I reference this file once and it renders fine. I reference it again after and it never renders. Would definitely be curious if you know a work around perhaps using display layers.



I can confirm the reference issue on my side. I will send this issue to the developers.
Unfortunately, the only workaround that I can see is to import the object normally. Alembic cache might work as well.

Awesome David, thank you. Glad we can get some of these little issues out of the way.

Uninstalled RPR, launched Maya and it still reports only 4GB max vram usage instead of 8. So that bug is clearly on Maya's side of things. I'll do a lil more research into it but I'm not too concerned overall.

Hey wheres the best place to get some AMD swag? Love to represent a little more lol.

Have a good one, I'll report new issues as I come across them.



No problem, happy to help.

For ProRender, there's a couple of social media platforms that users can join and follow. - this is the ProRender official discord. There is also Facebook and I think even Twitter.