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Journeyman III

XFX R9 380 Fan Problem

Purchase my card in 2015, one of the fans have failed. Its been a total PAIN going through XFX tech support. Messaging back and forth. Last week finally called XFX they stated the replacement fans are out of stock and to look on AMAZON. I have and ordered a replacement cooler as per XFX. The replacement wont work due to the XFX fans are fixed into a click-in housing. So i'm stuck..back to playing message tag on tech page.

Don't some digging and apparently this failure is common with this particular card...and have seen XFX techs state this in forums..


Correct Answer by xfxsupport on Apr 27, 2017 12:40 PM

It looks like a standard fan failure.  Fortunately, we send these out free of charge! (varies by region)

Do you have a ticket at  I can request a parts shipment for you.

Mark at XFX

Please help...only found a so-called replacement out of China...but this site seems sketchy..

XFX RX460 R9 380X R7 370 GPU VGA Cooler Cooling Fan For XFX RX460 2gb/4GB R9 380X R7 370 Video Grahi...

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Journeyman III

Done*** some digging and apparently


A fan problem is why I stopped dealing with XFX. AliExpress is like a Chinese child spawn of Amazon and eBay, everything is sold by a third party but as a store format. Realistically that's your only option, as XFX dropped their lifetime warranty long ago and now uses the "standard" 2 year warranty.


Did you contact XFX? I have had excellent luck with them selling me replacement fans cheap for out of warranty cards. It is worth asking them. In fact they are the only card maker that has ever been willing to send me a replacement fan. The other just want to sell you a new card.


Been playing tag with them in their tech support ticket system. I even called them and got no help. Was directed to get a replacement cooler for the card through Amazon, they don't have any for this particular card. (facepalm)