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Adept I

Stuttering, cómo decirle al software Radeon que quiero que la gráfica trabaje al 100% siempre

Hola, estoy harto del maldito Stuttering. Pero que narices le pasa a los de AMD? La tarjeta la he comprado yo con mi dinero. Si quiero que vaya siempre al 100%, como si me da la gana de pegarle fuego. 

Si no hay una forma de decirle al software Radeon de las narices que quiero que la gráfica vaya al 100%, es la última vez que compro nada de AMD. Y es una pena porque tengo una estación gráfica con un Epyc de segunda generación y el PC para jugar con un Ryzen 7 3700x, con una gráfica Radeon RX 5700 XT.

Siempre he sido pro AMD, pero estoy más que harto del tema este del Stuttering. Lo dicho si no hay forma de decirle a la gráfica que trabaje al 100% es la última vez que compro nada que sea AMD.

Lo pongo también en inglés por si acaso.

A ver si alguien me puede ayudar, por favor.

Muchas gracias.

Hi, I'm sick of the **bleep** stutter. But what the hell is wrong with AMD? ‌‌ I bought the card with my money. If I want it to always go 100%, as if I feel like setting it on fire.
If there's no way I can tell the Radeon software from the nose that I want the graphics to go 100%, this is the last time I buy anything from AMD. And it is a shame because I have a graphics station with a second generation Epyc and the PC to play with a Ryzen 7 3700x, with a Radeon RX 5700 XT graphics.

I've always been a pro AMD, but I'm beyond sick of this stuttering issue. I said if there is no way to tell the graphics to work 100% is the last time I buy anything that is AMD.

I also put it in English just in case.

Let's see if someone can help me, please.

Thank you.

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Big Boss

1. do a clean install of windows 10 and all updates
2. disable win10 auto driver install
3. install chipset drivers
4. install gpu driver
5. enable FreeSync - but only in supported range (no hacky panel-drivers or cru)

in 99% this will work fine

but also try other games

PC: R7 2700X @PBO + RX 580 4G (1500MHz/2000MHz CL16) + 32G DDR4-3200CL14 + 144hz 1ms FS P + 75hz 1ms FS
Laptop: R5 2500U @30W + RX 560X (1400MHz/1500MHz) + 16G DDR4-2400CL16 + 120Hz 3ms FS

Hello, thanks for the answer. I'm not going to format the PC, I don't think it's necessary at all. The windows works perfectly. The thing is no longer just that I stop doing Stuttering in games, that would no longer be enough for me. I want the graph to go to 100% whenever I want. Because if I want the FPS to go to the maximum, why do I have to be content with it working at a lower percentage? I want the maximum FPS that the graphics card is capable of, all the time. I don't want it to just look good. I want the maximum all the time that I am playing.
Regards, and thank you very much.


si la grafica no está trabajando a su maximo, y no tienes de alguna manera los FPS capados (con Vsync o limitación de cuadros), entonces es porque el juego no puede usar el maximo de la grafica, los juegos muy ligeros regularmente tienen un limite para uso del hardware, si tu grafica no está dando el maximo, así sea en juegos muy pesados, digamos: Rage 2 en ultra, o Cyberpunk 2077, entonces es que algo está mal con tu grafica.

Lo que puedes intentar es hacer un clean re-install de los drivers con el programa DDU, en internet hay varios videos que te explican este tipo de cosas, sobree todo en ingles (yo desgraciadamente no puedo explcarte bien el tema), así que trata de medir con algún programa, como el After Burner, que usos está dando tu PC a la grafica (si es que no lo estás usando ya), y de nuevo, si no estás jugando un juego ligero (LOL, valorant, miencraft) y tu grafica aun así no da su maxima potencia (con FPS desbloqueados) es que algo tienes mal en la grafica.

Tambien revisa configuraciones del software de radeom, funciones como el Radeon Chill pueden estar capando tu rendimiento (de preferencia, solo deja activo el Freesync de tener un monitor compatible y el control de vinculos HDMI y ya, cualquier opción extra dejala desactivada - Radeon boost, Radeon Chill, Anti lag, etc). Por experiencia te digo que lo mejor que puedes hacer con tu grafica AMD, si está funcionando bien, es tener TODAS esas funciones desactividas y, si acaso, hacerle Undervolt y/o OC para sacarle mayor rendimiento y/o mejores temperaturas.

Thanks for your answer. The truth is that I have already tried all that and nothing, a shame. My monitor is 120hz and 5120x1440 native, with Freesync II. It does not matter if you put or remove the Freesync, it does not matter if you remove or put the wait for the vertical update, it does not matter if you do everything I have seen everywhere the Stuttering is guaranteed until reaching 0% load of work, with temperatures that do not exceed 65º in the graph at any time, and welding at 72º maximum. The CPU remains stable between 12% and 14% of workload and with temperatures that do not exceed 45º.
If the problem was that it was going 100% and still couldn't go up in FPS, I wouldn't be so pissed off. But it is that when sometimes it rises to 40% of work in the graph it is giving 112 FPS and with the temperatures as I said before. The problem is that it is almost always below 15% duty and goes down to zero for several seconds and so on. Come on, they tell me that about this graph and the first thing is that I could not believe it and the second after reading what I have read as a result of suffering the problem and looking for information and I would never have bought this graph. I am sorry for AMD but it is really embarrassing. That I have no way of telling the graph to work 100% is absurd to say the least. I don't know what they are thinking about AMD, but I thought they were smarter. Anyway, an absolute disappointment. And look that I have been since the first 386 that I bought from AMD without changing the brand, but this does not have any disagreement, it is a dictatorship and a joke.
Thank you anyway.


Pana tranquilo entiendo tu frustracion, todo estamos en el mismo barco.

Yo tengo una 6800XT y de la unica forma que se pone al 100% es poniendo los fps ilimitados en el steam launcher. Tambien esta el issue de flickering del Freesync.

Yo tenia Nvidia y cambie para AMD esta generacion para apoyarlos porque la competencia hace que bajen los precios, esperemos que lo arreglen rapido.

I'm in the same situtation, R9 5900x paired with a RX 6900x under performing in gaming with low frequencies, low power consumption and low gpu usage. While graphics benchmarks like TimeSpy works and scores like expected...


Have you guys check if you have AMD Chill ON and with a FPS cap or Vsync ON?


Usually AMD chill is what does that if you activate it, will make the GPU to work at much lower clocks and just enough to maintain the custom FPS range you set there, so like if you set a game that you can run at like 100FPS and for example you have it set to max out at 30 FPS the GPU will downclock it self and just give enough juice on that game to maintain it at 30 FPS to consume less power...


Also check Windows Power settings, you can try the performance mode and check if the same occurs (don't forget to check the listed things above first or it will probably be pointless to activate Windows performance mod if the AMD drivers are capping certain games)...

Thanks for your answer, the truth is that I have tried all of the above, and more things that I have read in other forums and nothing. The thing is that a year or so ago, it was much better, but in a driver update everything screwed up. I have tried to go back, but it gives me an error, it seems that I cannot put such old drivers. Not that it was super fluid, but at least it went smoothly.



Hello, thanks for the answer. The truth is that I have already tried it, with that option activated and deactivated. When I activated it I set it to a minimum and a maximum of 120, because my monitor is 120hz. and it does not matter. The energy option that I have active is high performance. Also I customized the options and set it to never turn off in any way. It doesn't matter what I do. Regarding what the graphic lunchbox does to save energy, I find it regrettable. I do not want it to save any energy, euro to gather 100% and if the game is old, then that of 400 fps. I'll see if it is a waste or not. What is this to dictate what you inert to me or not. That I will decide. I think it's great that those options are included for those who want to use them, but not as an imposition whether I want it or not. Anyway, bad, very bad. A shame The competition does have an option to tell the graph to work 100%. Which is also the logical thing to do, because if I want the hardware I have to work 100% all the time, I already decide if I need it or not.


Muchas gracias por contestar, cómo se hace lo de ilimitar los FPS en el launcher de Steam?


Le das click derecho en el juego en steam > properties > en launch options escribes +fps_max unlimited, despues cierras la pantalla y abre el juego.

Nothing, if the command syntax is like this, it doesn't work for me. I have made a copy paste and nothing, it remains the same.
Thank you anyway.