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Journeyman III

Rx470 crashes

The card works in windows but as soon as I try to play games it crashes or even try to do a stress test and it's doing it instantly. It doesn't get warm or anything just crashes as soon as it takes a bit of stress

So I'm hopeless its a nice card but with this I cant play games 


My Specs

CPU- Intel I7 6950x
Gpu- Msi Armour rx 470 4gb
Ram- Ddr4 16gb 2666ghz
PSU- 750w


2 Replies
Journeyman III

Hey man, have you found a solution yet ? im having the same problem

Journeyman III

I had similar issue but using OpenCl Tecnology in Adobe Premier Pro. It even happened with simple games as Solitaire.

Well, I exchanged termal paste in the graphic card, cause I verified an over heating with GPU-Z software. Even so problem was still happening. The deal to resolve it, was to try every single version of the AMD driver. And you have to test every single of them.

Sorry, but AMD is very disappointing!!! I've wrote at least 3 times asking for help, they had always asks the same. To proceed the clean up driver, there's a tool 'AMD CLEAN UP', if I remember the name. And install the last version.

Could you imagine how much days I spent to find this driver from 2019. The only one tha worked!

Here's the name of the driver Win10-64Bit-Radeon-Software-Adrenalin-2019-Edition-19.11.3-Nov18

It seems AMD works a lot in good pieces, but ignore them completely when launch a new one...